Summary: The reason for the earthquake at Easter and how it affects our lives today

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- Every year about 500,000 quakes


- 1 magnitude 8 quake happens every


- 10,000 people are killed every year

- Lead story in the April 2006 issue of The National Geographic the earthquake that leveled San Francisco 100 years ago. The precise centennial of that quake is April 18, 2006, two days after Easter!

- The great quake hit Wednesday April

18, 1906. 5:15 am

- This earthquake was so huge, we’re

still talking about it 100 years later"

- Last 1 min

- Fire was it’s greatest destruction

- Burns for 3 days

- Destroyed 490 city blocks

- 25,000 buildings

- 250,000 homeless

- Killed 450-700

- (Max Fast) "When the fire caught the Windsor Hotel at Fifth and Market Streets there were three men on the roof, and it was impossible to get them down. Rather than see the crazed men fall in with the roof and be roasted alive the military officer directed his men to shoot them, which they did in the presence of 5,000 people."

- (Adolphus Busch)"The most terrible thing I saw was the futile struggle of a policeman and others to rescue a man who was pinned down in burning wreckage. The helpless man watched it in silence till the fire began burning his feet. Then he screamed and begged to be killed. The policeman took his name and address and shot him through the head."

A Frightening feeling that you are

unable to stand up or to hold on to anything .

- The most solid structures, are toppling

and falling.

- Rushing out into an open space, and

the firm ground is heaving.

- Looking to the great forest trees, and

they are swaying like reeds in a


- Hills are reeling.

- The sea is rocking in a raging tumult.

- It was only when you look up and see

the firmament and stars that are eyes resting on something that is steadfast.

"Yet this quake, as powerful as it was, can’t hold a seismic needle to what happened in the great quake of aught ’29. 1,971 years ago.

" (Matthew 28:2).

- Note the earthquake at the time of Jesus death Mt 27:51

- Note the earthquake at the moment of resurrection

1. It shows that there was a great

struggle, and a combat between Christ and death. Death was destroyed

2. This quake destroyed Sin,

- Mk 2:5, 9-11

3. The anger of the Lord roared out of

the earth against those Jews who thought to stop His resurrection

4. These guards were only wounded,

and no other harm done by the earthquake, could it be, that this earthquake did dance for joy rather than quake for trembling

5. An earthquake broke the bands of


- v.7, 10, 16 Exactly as told

- Acts 16:25-31 Jailer

6. Do our hearts have to be shaken and

inwardly troubled to bring about repentance before we believe in the resurrection of Jesus.

- 2 Cor. 5:17

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