Summary: sermon for deacon ordination

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Acts 6:1-7

The Deacon

Pastor Allan Kircher SPBC

Sept 2, 2012

Intro: This is a very serious time in our church.

• This Month we bring on new deacons

• It is not to be taking lightly.

There is much confusion and misinformation about what role the Deacons have in the church and what they are to the church.

• I hope I can clear up this/looking/Bible says.

• If you’ve been paying attention/since I’ve been here

• I am not interested in/traditions/teaching of men.

The final authority/all matters/faith/practice/church must be the Word of God.

Therefore, we are not going to concern ourselves with what men have to say about the Deacon and his role in the church.

We are only going to concern ourselves with what the Bible says about those matters.

• Deacon/not used/in our English translation.

• Often assumed/first reference/office/come to know/deacon

This passage gives us/insight into why the early church felt the need to set aside a special group of men to be servants of the church.

I want to preach about The Reason for the Deacon today.

Let’s find out why we have Deacons and see if we still need them today.


Verse one exposes a conflict that/brewing in the early church.

• They had/real problem/Holy Spirit doesn’t gloss it over.

• Never forget/2 or more/potential for trouble

• When trouble comes in the church

• it must be faced head-on and dealt with

• Not allowed to simmer and brew.

• Remember the Holy Spirit has a remedy for our problem

• if we are willing and able to hear His voice.

Let’s examine their problem.

A. The Problem Of Multiplication –

• the church began multiplying.

• 3,ooo/saved/Pentecost/5,ooo/shortly after.

• Add their wives, children, other family

• Growing by leaps and bounds

• Estimated/20-50,000 at this time.

As a church grows larger so does its potential for problems.

As a church grows larger so does its need for strong, godly leadership.

B. The Problem Of Complaining

• 2 classes of people/early church.

• Aramaic speaking Jews/native to Israel

• Greek speaking/Hellenistic Jews/various parts/world

• Hellenists were Jews/lived/Greek speaking countries.

They were loyal Jews, but/absorbed some/Greek culture

They were different from/native Jewish brothers and there was a little friction between them.

Bible tells us that they were “complaining”.

People were talking about others in a negative manner behind their backs.

That is always a problem!


Satan had already attacked the young church in two ways.

• He tried persecution, Acts 4:1-31; 5:17-41;

• Tried introducing sin into the church, Acts 5:1-11.

• Both attacks failed and only caused the church to grow faster.

• Now, he tries a new tactic.

If he cannot defeat the church from without, he will attack it from within!

• If he can divide the people

• He will be able to cripple the church!

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