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Summary: 3 of 4. Paul related the moral qualifications for deacons of the Church. Character traits for deacons of the church are definitive/unequivocal. ?How is the deacon’s fitness determined? The deacon’s fitness is decided thru...

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The DEACON’S FITNESS-III—1Timothy 3:8-13



The ‘Fiscal Cliff’s’ application/initiation/commencement.

Severe Federal budget cuts were initiated on March 1st, 2013 which were designed to SLOW Governmental overspending. To keep the reach of Federal government from strengthening & expanding so that dependency upon Federal monies is recognized & limited. To make us wake up to the fact that our Federal Government—as is— has become & maintains an inherent invasiveness, costliness & destructiveness to personal freedoms that have neither been experienced nor anticipated fully.

These cuts will hurt many & those in Washington will now be forced to deal with such measures decisively & specifically. Will the cuts be redirected & guided OR will taxes be raised—essentially denying the pervasive existence of politics built upon greed & dependancy— allowing the governmental fingers of greed to continue unchecked as at present?

Now it appears, Congress & the President are willing to meet for extended hours late into the night in order to resolve their difficulties.

Thru the Fitness(application) of these newly initiated measures, we will discover exactly how dependent we—as individuals—have become upon our own federal government!

It is very Fitting that such forced meetings are now occurring to deal with what has always been known.


Paul related the moral qualifications for deacons of the Church.

Character traits for deacons of the church are definitive/unequivocal.

?What character traits define the deacon’s fitness for office?

?How is the deacon’s fitness determined?

Characteristics by which an deacon’s fitness for office is decided.

The deacon’s fitness is decided by...Collaborative/Collective ...

We discovered previously that The deacon’s fitness is decided thru...

1. His REVERENCE(:8a)

2. His HONESTY(:8b)

3. His SOBRIETY(8c)




7—The deacon’s fitness is decided thru...


Explanation:(:11a) Designated Driver(God’s chosen spur to greatness) Fulfillment/Complement/Companion/Team

:11—“Likewise their wives must be reverent, not slanderers, temperate, faithful in all things.”

The focus of this passage is upon the deacon’s teamship with his wife. This sheds much light upon the deacon’s ability to accomplish the Lord’s work fully, properly & competitively(vying for the hearts of the lost).

Concerning Gen. 2:20—Along with the provision & prohibition, YeHoWaH, concerned for man’s well-being, also provides on another plane. God does not want man to be “alone.” It seems evident from YeHoWaH’s decision, that personal loneliness is detrimental to His plan for the man. God’s solution is to provide “a helper” who is similar/“comparable”/meet for him. Thus this helper will offer real aid. The man too must have a counterpart within his own kind.

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