Summary: An explanation of how exactly we were debtors to God.

The Debt We Owed

A parable in Matthew 18 speaks of us sinners as being debtors to God. Many of our favorite hymns and spiritual songs we sing speak of our debt to God being paid by Christ. The question we may have is: just how exactly were we in debt to God?

We are created to glorify and please God. The whole duty of Mankind is to obey His commandments.

Each time we dedicated or allowed our minds to think impure thoughts, planned evil activities, fed on non-spiritual garbage, kept a record of the wrongs of others...IT WAS A DEBT.

For, we robbed God of a prayerful attitude, the transforming of our minds, the planning of ways to promote the Cause of Christ and assisting the well-being of others.

Each time we embraced in our bosom or held in our heart jealousy, envy, bitterness, hate, covetousness or lust...IT WAS A DEBT.

For we robbed God in each of those occasions by withholding what should have been in our hearts – gratitude, love, generosity and compassion.

Each time we spoke a rude and unkind word, used filthy language, lied, gossiped or complained...IT WAS A DEBT.

For we robbed God, in each of those times, of what was due from our lips – a kind and consoling word to someone, a statement of thanksgiving and praise toward God, a prayer, or a spiritual song.

Each time we used our bodies, our hands and feet, to engage in sinful activity, hurting or oppressing others, devoted ourselves to acquiring worldly power or prestige or wealth...IT WAS A DEBT.

For we robbed God of our healthy and strong bodies that ought to have been active in spreading the knowledge of God's love and goodness, promoting God's Plan on this Earth, helping our fellow neighbor – especially the less fortunate and disadvantaged.

This is the nature of our debt to God and, altogether, it is enormous.

Thankfully, through His matchless grace, Christ Jesus paid our debt on the cross. 1 Peter 1:18-19, “ye know that ye were not redeemed with corruptible things, as silver or gold...but with the precious blood of Christ.”

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