Summary: We are called to live life depending on God

The Declaration of Dependence

Psalm 23

July 4, 1999


Does anyone recognize these words?

We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness

Where do they come from? The Declaration of Independence

I. Independence Day

A. The nature of the celebration

B. Understanding of independence

II. Impact of Independence

A. Understanding independence as freedom

B. Freedom is not based on independence

C. True freedom comes God

READ TEXT: Psalm 23. This is our Declaration of Dependence

Five areas that we must depend on God

I. God will grant His provision

A. God’s provision of physical needs

1. God cares for us like a shepherd

a.) God cares for our physical needs

b.) We belong to Him – like sheep belong to a shepherd: He will care for us

2. God knows what we need

a.) God knows everything that goes on in the universe

b.) God will supply the things that we need

c.) We must be willing to depend on Him

B. God’s provision of emotional needs

1. God offers us the rest we need from the pressures and pains of life

2. God wants to lead us into times of refreshment

C. God’s provision of spiritual needs

1. God will bring restoration to our souls

2. God will guide me for His glory

II. God will grant His protection

A. God protects us through His guidance

1. God will never guide us out of His will

2. God will never leave us

B. God protects us through His power

1. God is greater than any problem we will ever face in life

2. God has the power to protect us through life – if we allow Him to do so

III. God will grant a place of peace

A. God’s peace will bring us safety and security

1. God wants to bring His peace to our chaos

2. God’s presence with us ought to bring us security

B. God’s peace will bring lasting victory

1. God brings us peace through victory over our trials and difficulties

2. The victory that God brings is indeed complete

IV. God will grant a place of prominence

A. God will bring us honor

1. God will elevate us to a place of honor in his kingdom

2. God will share His authority with us – we are heirs with christ in the kingdom

B. God will bring us glory

1. God will bring glory into our lives when we follow Him

2. God will reveal His glory through us

C. God will bring us blessing

1. God will bless the person who follows Him

2. God will grant us His great love – the greatest blessing we can have

V. God will grant a place of permanence

A. God’s permanence will be present in goodness

1. The goodness of God will be present in life

2. This goodness impacts all areas of life

3. This goodness will never leave us

B. God’s permanence will be present in love

1. When we give ourselves fully to god, we are His forever

2. God’s love and care are always with us

3. God’s love needs to flow in every area of our lives

C. God’s permanence will be present in life

1. Every good thing that god does for us is obvious

2. God does His best work through the lives of ordinary people – you are no exception

D. God’s permanence will be present in eternity

1. God allows us the sacred opportunity of living with him forever

2. God wants us to dwell in His presence always


Philip Keller Quote – A Shepherd looks at the 23rd Psalm

Do I really belong to Him?

Do I really recognize His right to me?

Do I respond to His authority and acknowledge His ownership?

Do I find freedom and complete fulfillment in this arrangement?

Do I sense a purpose and deep contentment because I am under His direction?

Do I know rest and repose, beside a definite sense of exciting adventure, in belonging to Him?

Before I can say He is my shepherd, I need answers to these questions.

Do you have freedom in God?

Declare your dependence on God and find true freedom

1. You can not make it through this life alone

2. You will never make it to the next life alone

3. God wants to help you along the journey of life

The choice is yours

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