Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: A general overview of how and why the gospel is despised by man (including a number of disciples who belong to the Lord).

The Despised Gospel

Theme: The true gospel message and commitment is despised by many.


A. In the name of “mainstream Christianity” the gospel has a very easy flavor:

1. The idea is to get as many people in to their churches.

2. Getting the masses in is wonderful, but not at the expense of compromising the true gospel call.

3. Thus, to keep the “unconverted” coming back the gospel is made easy to believe and practice.

B. This, of course, is contrary to everything Jesus and His disciples taught.

1. The gospel message is despised by most.

2. The commitment to the Lord is forsaken by most.


A. Watered down Christianity preaches a message that doesn’t convict.

1. The message is often emotionally inspiring, but nothing substantive to convict the person of his sins.

2. The message is sugar coated so people walk away from the message comfortable about Christianity.

3. The philosophy behind this message: If they like us they’ll return to be with us.

4. In the end: droves of people “accept Jesus” into their hearts all over the world under this easy and smooth message.

B. Yet the message of God’s word is to convict the world of sin, righteousness, and the judgment to come. Cp. Jn. 16:8 (Rom. 1:16-17)

1. It is difficult at best telling someone you love or someone you don’t know that they are living in sin. Cp. Acts 7:52-60

2. It is difficult to teach a narrow message when everyone else that proclaims Christianity has widened the gate of entry beyond the Lord’s true gospel. Cp. Matt. 7:13-14

a. To Jews and Gentiles of the first century the message was a stumbling block and foolishness.

b. It is no different today, and has even included many professing Christianity.

3. In the end, many do not want to hear the true message of Christianity. Jn. 6:60-66


A. Tied to the message of the gospel is a direct correlation to one’s commitment. Cp. Rev. 12:10-11

1. An easy message makes for an easy (minimal) commitment.

2. A person who accepted the true, but difficult to accept message of Christ, counts the cost that is necessary in his walk with the Lord. Lk. 14:25

3. If we are to be committed to the Lord we will need to deny even self. Lk. 9:23

B. The watered down message of the gospel exploits Jesus’ teaching about their burdens being light.

1. Many are lead to believe they can live ungodly lives and still be found faithful to God. cp. Rom.6:1-4, 15

2. Yet, our commitment to the Lord:

a. Is to put off the man of this world and put on Christ. Rom. 13:14

b. Is to be found faithful unto death. Rev. 2:10


A. God’s love is so abundantly good and merciful toward all.

B. But, His message is despised by many who reject His difficult message and level of commitment.

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