Summary: Have we really come to this? The Jews and Christians fleeing the gates of the cities as progressives and secularists take control?

Have we really come to this? The Jews and Christians fleeing the gates of the cities as progressives and secularists take control? Have we really come to the final stage of civilization, total collapse? They've got us in a bind, they've really got us over a barrel. We stand near the edge as they push full force to end the reign of dignity, sanity, morality, and religious values. We seem to have been driven out.

They mock us in the media. They mock us in Hollywood. Their disdain for our worldview is apparent, day in and day out. The education system pushes an entirely different worldview. Children are taught a worldview that is false. And it destroys them. It leaves them naked and exposed to the wiles of drug addiction, alcoholism, pornography, sex addiction, and even falling into human trafficking. Because if we are really just evolved pond scum then why not dangle off the tops of skyscrapers like the Ukrainian skywalkers? It would seem perfectly reasonable to hang by one hand off a skyscraper if there is no meaning to life and after death is the great nothingness. Of course, those things aren't true. God is real. And the human soul is eternal. But millions are being led astray. The angst in my soul reminds me of this everyday.

However, this much is certain: Though our enemies seem to have all the institutions and all the megaphones, most of the general population don't agree with them; but agree with us. These people are corrupt, they push and force their worldview on us while simultaneously saying we do it to them! They train populations, generally in larger cities to hate and fear us. Constantly the drum beat everyday on CNN, NBC, ABC, and CBS is that we hate minorities, that we're evil, that we're backwards. The message is that we are misogynists, homophobes, racists, and bigots. Of course nothing could be further from the truth. In reality, the greatest racists and bigots are them, because they try to destroy any minority who refuses to bow to their progressive orthodoxy.

Someone answer this question for me: How did they get the whole business world on board with the secular progressive agenda? I just don't get it. But that was the consummation point. When I saw over 150 major, I mean major American companies all boycotting North Carolina, for the purpose of pushing men into women's restrooms, well, that was the victory point. They've essentially won and now they're consolidating. Because if companies like Microsoft, Pepsi, Wells Fargo, and other huge names are all rock solid behind that kind of demented agenda, well, we're in bigger trouble than we realize.

Though maybe I'm just late to the party. I was a foolish leftist for quite a while, one of those arrogant drug addled low information types. But Jesus Christ of Nazareth showed up in my life and recruited me. And much like Andrew Breitbart I slowly waded from liberal to libertarian, to conservative libertarian to Constitutional conservative. More importantly, the Christian worldview came through, all the way. There is no turning back now. It's quite frustrating because with the election of Barack Obama in 2008 I had this feeling like "yes, we're finally winning." But only too quickly did I discover, "dang it, we're actually losing more so then ever."

Western man has gone completely nutty it seems. They've decided to change everything. They've decided to destroy the foundations, and drive out the Christian heritage. Why? I suppose they think they can do it better. But they're really stealing our nation and our way of life; what was built with Judaeo-Christian ethics, entirely. Oddly enough that's why it worked so well. So they're gonna take it and remake it, transform it into their own personal authoritarian utopia. They think it will be great I'm sure, but they don't realize that their idea of utopia tends to either end in socialist genocide or corrupt bureaucratic authoritarian regimes like Brazil, Mexico, or India. Oddly enough when you remove the barriers, remove the checks and balances, remove the strong cultural ethics, corruption tends to rot out the center. Which is what we're seeing taking place presently in America. More and more there have to be tens of thousands of laws, because a population once stripped of and driven from it's moral basis quickly becomes a corrupt lot, with the most rotted corpses bubbling to top, in leadership positions like say, president, secretary of state, senator, congressmen and of course, supreme court justice.

The progressives in seeking to liberate America from everything traditionally in her heritage have now liberated America from her sanity.

There are snakes in the garden. They're up to no good you see. The snakes in the garden are spawning too quickly. They've invited all their friends and paradise is aflame in police shootings, mob violence, and media corruption.

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