Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Following Jesus in His last days on earth.

The Devastation Of The Cross Matthew 27:26-44

I. The Cruelty (27:26-31) Illegal by the Roman soldiers

A. They Set Barabbas free (27:26a) murderer, insurrectionist

B. They Scourged Jesus (27:26b) innocent man; Isaiah 53:4-5

C. The Soldiers took Him (27:27) garrison, cohort = 600 men

D. They Stripped Him (27:28a)

E. They put a Scarlet robe on Him (27:28b)

F. They Squashed a crown of thorns on Him (27:29a)

G. They gave Him a Scepter (27:29b) reed

H. They Scorned Him (27:29c) words of mockery

I. They Spit upon Him (27:30a)

J. They Struck / Smote Him (27:30b) hands and rods

. John 19:3 - with their hands; Isaiah 53: 4 - smitten of God

. Mark 15:19 - smote Him on the head with a reed

K. They Scarred Him - Isaiah 52:14; 53:2

L. They Spurned Him (27:31a) snub, reject, disdain, despise

M. They Steered Him (27:31b) to His death

II. The Carrier / Cross (27:32) Simon of Cyrene; Hebrews 4:15

III. The Crucifixion (27:33, 35a)

. Golgotha = skull-shaped; accumulated many there

. Luke 23:33, calls it Calvary; Latin for skull; Isaiah 53:12

. John 19:23a; had crucified Jesus

IV. The Circumstances (27:34-36) fulfilling prophecies

A. The Drink (27:34a) Psalm 69:21

B. The Denial (27:34b) He would not drink

C. The Division (27:35b) Psalm 22:18a; John 19:23b-24

D. The Dice (27:35c) cast lots

E. The Definte (27:35d) fulfilled in Psalm 22:18b

F. The Defenders (27:36) kept watch

V. The Criticism (27:37) accusation; Jews didn’t like it

. John 19:21 -22; wanted to change it, but Pilate kept it as is

. Greek, universal; Aramaic, local & Latin, Roman languages

VI. The Corrupt (27:38-44) wicked

A. The Robbers (27:38, 44) crass; Luke 23:39-43

. Thief #1 (23:39) sin in him and on him!

. Thief #2 (23:40-43) sin in him, but not on him!

1. He rebuked the scoffer (23:40a)

2. He realized the Sovereign (23:40b)

3. He recognized his sin (23:40c-41a) no sin in Christ

. Luke 23:4, 15, 22

4. He reported His innocence (23:41b) testified, witnessed

5. He responded to the Savior (23:42) trusted Christ

. He believed that the soul lives on after death

. Christ had a right to rule over the kingdom; souls of all

. Plea for mercy; no hope but divine grace; true faith

6. He received his salvation (23:43)

B. The Reckless (27:39-40) careless

1. Their snubbing (27:39a) rejected Him

2. Their slander (27:39b) defamed; blasphemy; Psalm 22:7-8

3. Their sarcasm (27:40) taunting

C. The Religious (27:41-43) cruel

1. Their disrespect (27:41) hypocritical; mocking

2. Their doubt (27:42) Matthew 12:24, 38-41 - show a sign

. Luke 16:27-31

3. Their disgust (27:43) hateful; Psalm 22:8

VII. The Compassion - John 19:25-27

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