Summary: After every great triumph, there is a great test, but this test was not an ordinary test of man!

The Devil is in the Details

Matthew 4:1-10

In 1997 there was a blockbuster hit based on a novel by Morris west, this thriller attraction was with Keau Reeves and Al Pacino.

Keau Reeves plays Kevin Lomax a hotshot Gainesville, Florida attorney who offended a School Teacher in a child molestation case, a case that was considered to be inevitable to return a non guilty verdict, Kevin (Keau Reeves) wins the case with a not guilty verdict.

After living a mediocre life, he is offered a position with a reputable law firm in Manhattan, despite his evangelical Christian Mother’s opposition, he takes the position. This position would take him to the top of the mountain in the defense of many different people of whom he is aware of their guilt, though warned of his wife Mary Ann of the nature and manner in which she sees the people, she is seeing them as demons, after much battle with her mental stability, Kevin admits her to a psych ward there she is visited by one of the lawyers wife and sees her as a demon as well, she locks herself in the room and commits suicide, now he is up against the wall and must begin investigating the allegations.

Alice, Kevin’s mother reveals to Kevin that Milton (Al Pacino) is his father who admits to raping his wife Mary Ann who just committed suicide. Kevin (Keau Reeves) fires a pistol into Milton’s chest, but the bullets are Ineffective, Milton is not only Kevin’s father but Satan. Kevin (Keau Reeves) blames Milton for everything that has happened. Milton ( Al Pacino) tells Kevin, “you could have left at anytime”. Kevin realizes he always wanted to win no matter the cost.

Kevin wakes up at the recess of the Gettys trial; he imagined everything from the end of the original recess through his suicide. Kevin announces that he can no longer represent his client, despite the threat of being disbarred. The reporter from the beginning of the film pleads for an interview and promises to make Kevin a star for his unexpectedly moral decision. But for a time he finds himself playing the Devil’s Advocate.

4 1-3 Next Jesus was taken into the wild by the Spirit for the Test. The Devil was ready to give it. Jesus prepared for the Test by fasting forty days and forty nights. That left him, of course, in a state of extreme hunger, which the Devil took advantage of in the first test: “Since you are God’s Son, speak the word that will turn these stones into loaves of bread.”

4 Jesus answered by quoting Deuteronomy: “It takes more than bread to stay alive. It takes a steady stream of words from God’s mouth.”

5-6 For the second test the Devil took him to the Holy City. He sat him on top of the Temple and said, “Since you are God’s Son, jump.” The Devil goaded him by quoting Psalm 91: “He has placed you in the care of angels. They will catch you so that you won’t so much as stub your toe on a stone.”

7 Jesus countered with another citation from Deuteronomy: “Don’t you dare test the Lord your God.”

8-9 For the third test, the Devil took him to the peak of a huge mountain. He gestured expansively, pointing out all the earth’s kingdoms, how glorious they all were. Then he said, “They’re yours—lock, stock, and barrel. Just go down on your knees and worship me, and they’re yours.”

10 Jesus’ refusal was curt: “Beat it, Satan!” He backed his rebuke with a third quotation from Deuteronomy: “Worship the Lord your God, and only him. Serve him with absolute single-heartedness.”

1. Conversation 2. Persuasion 3. Exaltation

The Devil Shows up when you’re: 1. Weak 2. Wounded 3. Vulnerable

In times when you are alone

After every great success comes a great test


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