Summary: Understanding that satan wants to do nothing but destroy us.

There was a young man name CJ who walked home after school every day. CJ would walk down the same street whenever he walked home. He never changed his path or his routine. There was a blue house on this street that he would walk down that he passed all the time and behind the house was a big dog that growled and barked whenever he saw CJ pass by. But CJ was so busy bouncing his basketball and dribbling between his legs that he never paid this dog any mind. This dog would do the same thing every time, barking and growling at CJ when he passed each day from school.

Because CJ was always occupied with playing with his basketball he never noticed the hole this big dog was digging under the fence. It was something that grabbed this dog’s attention and every time CJ passed this dog would continue to dig deeper into this hole. Well, some weeks had passed and CJ was on his way from school, passing by this same blue house with the big dog behind the fence. As he walked by dribbling his basketball the dog began to bark and growl as usual, and as usual CJ ignored him. But this time the dog started crawling under the fence through the hole he had been digging for weeks and when he got on the other side of the fence he ran after CJ. From the corner of his eyes CJ saw this big dog running after him, his eyes got big and he took off running.

He was running so fast that Michael Johnson wouldn’t have been able to catch up with him. He was so focused on making it to his house that he didn’t notice the bump in the sidewalk and he tripped and fell. With the dog quickly approaching CJ got up leaving his basketball behind and continued running toward his house. When he made it inside the house he peeped through the window and noticed that the dog was wrestling with his basketball. It was the basketball the dog was after, not CJ. Every day that he would pass that blue house bouncing his basketball it grabbed the dog’s attention. The dog started digging that hole in hope of one day getting that basketball which he did.


Can I paint a picture of reality? The dog in the story represents satan and every day of our lives satan and his demons are watching us. Just like the basketball had CJ’s attention so much that he ignored the growling and barking dog whenever he passed the house, we too are not being watchful and alert. Now for those of us who belong to God we are protected by Him, but it is something that we have that is grabbing satan’s attention and he wants it. Satan has his eyes on us and he is seeking after our possessions. CJ lost his basketball to this dog, but what is satan taking from you?

Young people, is satan taking your self esteem? Is he taking your motivation to do well in school? Is he taking the respect that you should have for your parents and adults? What is satan taking from you?

• Adults what has satan robbed you of? Is it your peace of mind? Or your joy divine? Has he stripped you of your faith in God? And let me say this, if you have allowed satan to take your faith you need to work on getting that back, because without faith it is impossible to please God.

• Faith is what allows us to believe in things that seem impossible. Young people you need faith too. Some of you may think that you could never be an A & B student, but with faith you can be. You may think that you will never be good enough to make the volleyball, basketball, or football team, but with faith in God you will not only make the team, but you could also become a starter.

But as we get back on track, young people I really want you to take something from this message, and this message is for all of us young and old. If you don’t remember anything I say, please remember one thing, “The Devil Wants to Eat You Alive.” We live our lives daily as if there is nothing happening behind the scene, and the fact is that there is a spiritual warfare that is taking place that we can’t see with our physical eyes. But it is time that we open our spiritual eyes, look around and see what’s really going on.

What is really going on? Satan is putting drugs before our youth as young as middle school age. These drugs such as cheese are killing children at a very young age.

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