Summary: We can learn from this episode in the life of David how the devil’s playground is built in our life.

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The Devil’s Playground

II Samuel 11:1-5

I. The Devil’s Playground Is Built on Idleness (v. 1)

A. Idleness From God’s Calling

1. God’s Call to Vocational Ministry

2. God’s Call to Lay Ministry

B. Idleness From Being Part of God’s People

1. Taking Part in Worship

2. Taking Part in Study

3. Taking Part in Ministry

II. The Devil’s Playground is Built on Making a Foothold (v. 2)

A. We Make a Foothold When We are:

• In the wrong place at the wrong time

• Seeking sinful desires

• Looking with the wrong desires

• When we refuse to flee

III. The Devil’s Playground is Built on Selfish Actions (v. 3-4)

A. Selfish Actions Begin With Seeking Sin

B. Selfish Seeking Can Turn Into Selfish Actions

C. Selfish Actions Often Hurt Others

1. David violated the command of God

2. David violated the vow of marriage

3. David violated the sanctity of Bathsheba’s Marriage

IV. The Devil’s Playground Always Produces Bad Consequences (v. 5, 17; 12:18)

A. Sin Causes Everyone to Miss God’s Mark (Romans 3:23)

B. Sin Causes Death in Everyone (Romans 6:23)

C. Sin Caused God to Give Up Something Precious (Romans 5:8)

D. Sin and Death Can Be Overcome (Romans 10:9-10; Eph. 2:8-9)

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