Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Discouragement is something that many of us face from time to time and God’s word shows us several things about this in the life of Elijah.

The Disease of Discouragement

I Kings 19:1-17

I. The Cause of Discouragement (v. v. 1-3)

A. We Miss the Real Cause of Our Discouragement

1. Elijah’s Discouragement Was Contagious

2. Elijah’s Discouragement Was Unfounded

B. We See Four Primary Causes of Discouragement

1. We Listen to Negative Voices

2. We Lack Faith in God’s Power

3. We Get Weak Physically and emotionally

4. We Fail to Nourish Our Relationship With God

II. The Course of Discouragement (v. 4)

A. Discouragement Will Usually Follow a Spiritual Victory

B. Discouragement Will Cause Us to Run From the Situation

“You Can Change the Place, But You Can’t Leave the Problem” – Unknown Author

C. Discouragement Usually Leads to Low Self Esteem (v. 4b)

D. Discouragement Will Cause Us to Exaggerate the Situation (v. 10 & 14)

E. Discouragement Will Cause Us to Have a Pity Party (v. 10 &14)

III. The Cure for Discouragement (v. 11-13)

A. Take Time to Rest (v. 5)

1. As You Rest Reflect of the Bread of Life

2. As You Rest Remember God’s Past Provision

3. As You Rest Remember God’s Promise

B. Take to Remember (v. 14)

1. Remember You Are God Called

2. Remember to Resist the Devil

3. Remember the Security of Your Relationship

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