Summary: The cause and effect of sin

The Downard Spirial of Sin

Genesis 3

Satan - Subtil, Slick, Serious

Adam and Eve - Graced, Gullable, Grabbed

I. Deception of Sin (1-5)

A. Began with a Lure (1)

B. Broke into a Lie (4-5)

II. Defilement of Sin (6-7a)

A. Beauty of the Sin (6)

B. Bite of the Sin (7)

III. Devestation of Sin (8-13)

A. Heard the Voice of God

B. Hid from the Vision of God

- Internation Condemnation (7-13)

- External Condemnation (14-19)

- Eternal Condemnation (15)

IV. Damnation of Sin (14-19)

A. Slithering of the Snake (14)

B. Suffering in Conception (16)

C. Submission in Marriage (16)

D. Sorrow of Life (17)

E. Sweating in Laboring (19)

F. Surity of Death (19b)

V. Deliverance of Sin (20-21)

A. Preparing and Purpose of the Skin

B. Proof of Salvation

He called here Eve, Mother of the living. God said they would die but Adam knew they could live.

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