Summary: God does no want us to live our lives in ignorance-ignorance is not bliss!

Knowledge is power, and ignorance is not bliss! The Greek word for ignorant is "agnosis" which means without knowledge. Another similar word is "idiotes" or our English, idiot. A common concept from classrooms of the past is the dunce hat and dunce seat. The practice began in the 13th century by philosopher John Duns Scotus of Duns, Scotland. He used it as a method of helping slow or lazy students learn. He believed that the triangle, or apex created a funnel to the mind. This of course fell out of academic circles and became laughable. Teachers used to place a dunce hat on the heads of misbehaving students and place them in a dunce seat for punishment. This has also fell out of use. Many people may actually have spiritual dunce hats on their heads because of their apparent ignorance of certain things that we must always know about.

I. The Flesh- I Corinthians 9:25-27 -Know Yourself


A. Spiritual temperance(25)

B. Spiritual warfare(26)

C. Spiritual subjection(27)

II. The Gifts-I Corinthians 12:1-Know your gifts


A. Lord of the Gifts(6)

B. Diversity of the Gifts(8-10)

C. Unity of the Gifts(12)

D. Motivation for the gifts(chapter 13)

E. Visible/invisible gifts

III. The Times-Romans 11:25-Know the Times


A. The blindness of Israel(25)

B. The boasting of the Gentiles(25)

C. The danger of pride(20)

D. The case for humility(20)

IV. The Rapture-I Thessalonians 4:13)-Know the Future


A. The fear of hopelessness(13)

B. The power of faith(14)

C. The hope of His coming

Put on your thinking cap-take off your dunce cap!

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