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In the Name of our Lord, Jesus Christ, there is going to be a supernatural breakthrough today. Let’s open our bibles to the book of Luke, chapter twenty two and verse fifty. The word of God says: “And one of them smote the servant of the high priest, and cut off his right ear.” In verse 51 it states: “And Jesus answered and said, “Suffer yea thus far,” and He touched his ear, and healed him.” Please repeat after

me, “God, I am here and you are there. Change me, or end me. Amen.” Pretty strong words, huh? There are several points that are going to be brought up today. Point number one: Sometimes we are hurt by a child of God. Many times it doesn’t have to be an enemy that hurts us. In fact, it’s usually someone within our own household or within the family of Christ. Judas was always with the Master, but ended up being a fake, a hypocrite, hummm, what do you call those people,

hummm, jerks, I guess you could say. Did Jesus forgive Judas? Well, that brings us to point number two: Do not wait for an apology in order to forgive. Forgive and get on with your spiritual and earthly life. You know, if Jesus would not have forgiven Judas, His death would have been in vain. Jesus forgave because He loved. Prophecy had to be fulfilled. What happened after His death? He was resurrected from the dead and with glory and power surprised those who wouldn’t believe. He even surprised those who believed. You know, I believe that when we reach heaven there are going to be three surprises we are all going to have. One of the surprises is that we are going to see how beautiful

heaven is. We have heard of how beautiful the lakes are going to be, how shiny the golden roads are going to be, but we also know that human minds cannot think the way God’s mind does. I mean, if God took the time to make me so good looking, imagine the streets of

heaven. Come on, go with me, imagine walking down Handsome and Glorified Drive, named after me, and having angels bless each other just to take a picture of me and being able to say with our glorified bodies, “What side do you want? This good side, or my other good side?” Well, this place is going to be so beautiful that not even the minds of all men together can come up with a place like this on earth, amen? The

second surprise will be that you will like totally surprised to see all these different people you didn’t even think were gonna make it. I mean, you will probably be thinking within yourself as you see them,

“Me hizo la vida imposible,” but that patience you had towards them was a living testimony and was a seed you sowed within their hearts that in that time of despair they were having, in that time of need, in that time of which they were desperate for something to change, they remembered of when they told you off, but since you were a Holy Ghost filled christian, you didn’t respond, but instead were willing to forgive and showed patience and you showed the peace of God over you. They kept on remembering how you reacted in that situation in particular, so different and so full of wisdom and something began to stir up in their hearts to the point that they wanted that peace during their agony and inclined themselves to the Lord and surrendered. Then, God worked a miracle in his or her life and they received the Lord Jesus Christ as

their personal Savior. It’s extremely important to show the fruit of patience and forbearing love. Especially in a time like that, love unconditionally. I’m telling you, even if Buddy is annoying, love on him

and he just might change! Third surprise, ready for this one? They are going to be surprised to see you there! You know, there is a spirit that makes you bitter, feo, apestoso, prieto, and gross. That’s the spirit of unforgiveness. No tienes novia, mucho menos esposa, nobody wants to be with you. Hasta el perro te corre a ti de la casa, and you end up looking like a fish! None of those characteristics will ever leave you until you deal with your hurting. If you see a person with a fish face, a shopping cart full of junk food, and a really nice car you’ve got yourself

a person with unforgiveness there. She doesn’t smile for anything in the world, not even when she looks at how funny looking Buddy is, she goes home, puts on Oprah, eats the junk food because she has been in

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