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The Ease of Becoming an Insignificant Christian

Jude 22

* One of the greatest tragedies for a Christian is that His/Her life may be lived without ever making any significant impact for the glory of God.

* Insignificant = without measurable or noticeable impact or contribution.

So small that it is of little regard.

* Insignificance is not to be confused with humility. While many people are able to serve the Lord quietly or anonymously they still serve and influence people This word today is for those who do not influence the world (or the Church) for Christ privately or publicly.

* The only thing that seems to be worse than a life lived in insignificance is a life lived in indifference to it.

* If you are saved God has equipped you & commanded you to be a

Witness, light, ambassador. ( Ill. Pleasant Grove bulletin: “Together

We Make a Difference”!) What about individually ?

* Many people often give various reasons for why they are not making a difference in the lives of others. Some say its time, talent, treasure problems.

* Some develop a “let them do it “ mentality or excuse themselves by saying

“You are not to judge me and my life”…..funny how people can commit that particular thought to memory but no working scriptures!

* These people often become a liability to the work of Christ rather that an asset. Illus. 3 guys moving a table….2 carrying and 1 riding!!!

* Because people do not always see it so plainly (as in the illus.), they allow their walk with Christ to become less and less clear and more and more compromised.

* How is it so easy for this to happen to us, here , at D.B.C?

It is as easy as:

I. Living without regard for the Master.

A. The one who saw our need

* God did not disregard us even though He had the right.

* Our Lord was not indifferent to us, ignore us. Have we forgotten!!

B. The one who saved our soul

* It cost the life of His Son

* The price of blood was the highest paid for anything….You!!!

C. The one who secures our destiny

* We are in His hand

* We are referred to as already being accounted as glorified

* How could we be so cold and compromised in heart as to live

Our lives w/o daily acknowledging, considering Him.

* to regard Him means that we must regard His commandments

* Obeying His commandments makes a significant impact upon others

II. Living without regard for the Masses

A. Those in the Lords church

* Every person needs someone sometime.

* Every person here needs to be that person from time to time.

* Sadly, some are too self-involved to serve or sacrifice for anyone else

* We are to serve one another by love

* “Im gonna take care of me and mine” attitude = a cold church.

* A people w/o compassion is a calloused people making no significant

Difference in each others life.

* If a man or woman doesn’t love the people of God enough to make a

Difference in their lives, then what of the lost masses

B. Those in a lost condition

* We are commanded to be witnesses

* The Father sent the Son & the Son sends us.

* Some make no attempt to Impact the lives of others.

* This is not a sermon designed to make anyone angry but it has been

Sent to make us all aware that a life can be wasted in respect to

Being on this earth as a missionary.

* How would we react to a missionary we supported if there was no

Apparent evidence that he was serving or teaching….reaching out

Or preaching? Then we found out that the problem was not the area

Or the culture but the missionary just did what he wanted to do and

Not what he was sent to do? We would pull our support. What about


* If a person lives w/o regard for Master, Masses, You can bet he’s:

III. Living without regard for the Mark

** Phil 3:14- Mark= Gods purpose in Christ…for our lives

A growing, maturing, advancing, developing life.

An eternal life being lived now and fully realized at the tape!!

A. Pressing toward it diligently

* Pressing= relentlessness, undeterred, No sacrifice too great

* The “Violent” take it(enter it) by force (no effort left out) Matt 11:12

B. Pressing toward it daily

* The” prize” is to be ran for on a daily, consistent, committed basis.

* Matt 6:33,

C. Pressing toward it delightfully

* The moral excellence of such pursuit does not come w/o significant

Impact upon the lives of others.

* This is the Basic Question of the hour…..Are you making a difference? Impact? Measurable or noticeable contribution? Be honest and don’t try to be defensive or super-spiritual.

Conc. Today’s Church seems to have lost the passion for service

And to have left the principle of sacrifice.

Its easy to do if we are not challenged and reminded often.

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