Summary: The Lord appoints the rejected


SCRIPTURAL READING : Judges Chapter 11

Jephthah was a mighty and courageous man who was tremendously used in his generation to bring victory in battle unto his people; the Israelites. Despite all his achievements, the devil did not hesitate to truncate his joy and fame as a popular hero in the land. Satan fuelled a crisis in his family; he was chased out of his fathers’ house by his half brothers and denied him access to the covenant blessings of a first born because his mother was an harlot; a cast out in the society. He suffered for the sins he knew nothing about. He was rejected by his own people; what a great prejudice.

“And it came to pass in the process of time... the elders of Gilead went to

fetch Jephthah in the land of Tob: and they said unto him, come and be

our captain that we may fight with the children of Amon”. Judges11:4-6

The people that once rejected Jephthah now came begging; they were asking for his help, what an irony. I can see the hand of the Lord working out a miracle for you this season in Jesus mighty name. I prophecy into your life today that the God of heaven will make you the solution the world is looking for in Jesus mighty name.

Are you facing rejection and intimidation from friends, colleagues and family, the word of the Lord is coming to you today to be still and know that His the Lord. Do not fight the battle on your own. Let the Lord fight for you, He just know how to turn the table around to your favour. If people say you don’t matter, don’t be intimidated by such a comment. It is just a mere human opinion which does not count in the sight of God. Apostle peter in his epistle admonishes us to trust Him with all our pains and Shortcomings:

“Casting all your care upon Him: for He careth for you”. 1Pet. 5:7.

Do not allow the devil to sow any evil seed of hatred in your heart; this will hinder your prayers and God’s intervention. Beloved, God silence on that issue does not mean he has forsaken you. Vengeance belongs to God and He will vindicate you. This is not the time to allow sorrow in your heart. It is your time of jubilation with a big bang, because the Lord Himself is at work over your case. Wherever you have been rejected, the God of heaven has orchestrated your return and celebration in Jesus name. May His favour upon your life erase every stigma of shame, rejection and defeat in Jesus mighty name. All these He will accomplish in your life this week because He is more than enough and He delights in you. You are God’s biggest deal!

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