Summary: Psalm 46:1 contains an example of the eloquence God uses to teach you of His love. It will stir your desire to see what else He has to say to you.


This morning I want to show you a passage of scripture that illustrates the eloquence of the Bible. God’s word is the most beautiful, meaningful, and wonderful message ever given to man. It is as applicable today than it has ever been to real life. Yet it is so often ignored and taken for granted by believers.

One of the most often used excuses given by people for not reading the Bible is this: “It is too hard to understand.” This is an excuse and is simply not true. This morning’s passage is beautiful and powerful and will show you that using only simple means, anyone can see the deeply meaningful, life-changing message of scripture. I want to stir up your hunger for the Bible by showing you God’s eloquent promise to you.

Turn to Psalm 46:1. We will read this together and plumb its depths. This is an incredible picture of God, promise of His faithfulness, and blessing to carry with you through the issues of life. Every word of this verse is filled with the wonderful power and person of God. This should not surprise us since the Bible says about itself: “All scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable…” 2 Timothy 1:7. Every word of it is specifically chosen by God for its meaning and depth.

Let’s take a minute and look at each word more closely. Here is a better definition of each word. Each of these comes from simply using a concordance such as Strong’s and a bible dictionary such as Vine’s.

GOD – The word is the Hebrew name for God Elohim. It is plural and this speaks of the Trinity, the fullness of God. It also speaks of His power as the Creator and as all powerful. This I the first name of God used ion Genesis 1:1 “in the beginning God”. He is so powerful that He simply spoke the world into existence.

IS – This says plainly that Elohim is our refuge and strength Himself. He does no simply provide these things to us, but is instead those things Himself in His person.

OUR – This was written to the children of Israel. They are His covenant people. This is a song of worship for His people to sing praises to Him because He has made a covenant to be their God and protect, provide, and guide them always. Notice also that He is to be praised because He made this covenant. He keeps it whether we keep our side or not because He judges Himself by His own faithfulness and not ours. He is our God by His choice and by His grace. We are His covenant people in the New Testament through the blood of Jesus. “This cup is the new COVENANT of my blood which is shed for you.”

REFUGE – This is a big word. It includes several concepts according to every Bible dictionary that you might use. It includes trustworthy, hope, shelter. Let’s translate it as “trustworthy shelter that gives the promise of hope.”

STRENGTH – This word means “mighty power.” This fits in with the use of God – Elohim. His omnipotence is His mighty power!

TROUBLE – Let’s skip for a moment to the word trouble. This is a word picture meaning “in a tight spot.” This is what we mean when we say that there is no where to turn but up. This is the situation tat the children of Israel were in when they were at the banks of the Red Sea with Pharoah’s army behind them, the Sa before them, and mountains on either side. There literally was no where to turn but up.

But in those circumstances, Elohim God is Himself, by virtue of His covenant with us, our “trustworthy shelter that gives the promise of hope” and omnipotent mighty power. The question next becomes – “always?”

HELP – This is aid and salvation.

PRESENT – This means at all times. It is means “right now.” God is always our refuge and strength, at any time due to His covenant with us as His covenant people.

VERY – This word is simple in any language. It simply means “abundantly.” God is abundantly available as our salvation and aid in the present at any time.

Now let’s rewrite this sentence with a greater sense of its eloquence: Elohim, the fullness of God the Creator, is Himself, according to His unbreakable covenant to us as His covenant people through Jesus, our “trustworthy shelter that gives the promise of hope” by His omnipotent mighty power, even in the worst of trouble when there is no where to turn but up, at all times and in abundance.

Now that is an incredible promise! How can you not love the Lord with His promise of such love? This is what Jesus purchased for us when He redeemed us at Calvary. This is not the flowery speech writing of a man, but the written and inspired word of God Himself using the exact words and phrases that He wanted to convey the depth of His love to you.

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