Summary: The enemy will not stand still and watch as we do the Lord's work.

The Enemy’s Onslaught

Nehemiah 4:7-15

I. A Plot Without (7-9)

A. Anger of the enemy (7)

1. Work continued

2. Ridicule unsuccessful

B. Plan of the enemy (8)

1. Fight against Jerusalem

2. Hinder the work

II. A Predicament Within (10-12)

Strength Decayed – How?

A. Rubbish (10)

1. Obstacles

a. Worldly pursuits

b. Worthless excuses

2. Sin

B. Rumors (11-12)

1. Pervasive

2. Persistent

III. A Practical Response (13-15)

A. Defense against the enemy (9)

1. Prayer

2. Preparation

A. Unity (13-14b)

B. Encouragement (14)

IV. A Positive Result (15)

A. God confounded the enemy

B. People returned to the work

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