Summary: A different look at Genesus. Letting the elder know that they are in the morning of their lives.

The Evening and the Morning A descussion on the evening and morning of you life. Genesis 1:-2:2 We know the story of creation from Genesis, the truth about all liveing things upon the earth, we know that the story or myth of evolution is a deception from satan. But did you really look at the days of creation? The scripture says, the evening and morning were the 1st day, and the evening and morning were the second day and it goes on the same with 3,4,5,6 but not the 7th day for that represents the eternal rest of God. There was not an evening or morning mentioned in the 7th day. So when did God do His work. If you notice its in the evening and He finished in the morning ,dont understand, when did God visit Adam in the Garden, it wasnt in the morning of days but in the evening of days when it was cool. If we follow God and the way that He worked, then we would do our labour in the cool of the evening. A lot of people that I councel say that their life is near the end because of their age and they cant do anything for God. This is the evening of day, but I remind them of all the works that God did in the evening, and Sara being beyond child bearing age became pregnant. We can do a lot in the evening of our days its not the time to stop but a new begining of works based on faith. Some people start a new career at a later time in their life, marry late in life, have families late in life, so why not try working for Jesus late in your life. We have all been called to do a work for God, all we hafe to do is find out what it is and persue it. In the evenings is my time with God, when the lights are low and the sounds of the days hustle and bustle are gone into history. When the birds no longer sing and the animals of the field are quiet and asleep. Some time when you go visit a loved one, who has gone to be with Jesus, walk around a little bit and look at the other tomb stones. Notice the dates upon them and ask yourself, what did this person do with his or her dash. You know, the dash that is always put in between the day of birth and the day that they died. I looked at one that had ,.... Born sept. 15.1800-Died Aug 22.1885. Look at the dash, what did this person accomplish in his life for Jesus and his family. Did he start his work for God in the morning of his days or was it in the evening of his life? What are you going to do with your dash, when are you going to do your labour for the Master? We are promissed in scripture, three score and ten years of life, but this man above was blessed another 15 years. Look at Hezakiah, he was told that he was going to die but throu prayer and repentance with bitter tears, God gave him extra life. Not in his morning but in his evening of years.The Old Testiment can be broken down simply into three parts, 1. Generation, the begining of man and his dominion of the earth. 2. Degeneration, the fall of man and his destruction. 3. Regeneration, the regeneration of man and his covenent with God. Rebuilding a life after the flood. Look at these three, number 1 is the morning of life, number 2 is the dash and number 3 is the evening or the begining of the end of the earth as we know it. The prophecys of the comming messiah and the destruction of sin at the battle of armageddon. Its all in there. Can you find any where in scripture that says that the evening of you lives, has to be unuseful? No. Many began new families later in their lives. Even Moses worsheped God untill the day that he died.Some even worshiped God leaning on a staff, age never stoped them. The evening of their lives were profitable. Look at Genesis cpt 5 an 6 ,Adam, Seth, Enos,Cainan, Jared, Enoch and Methusela, all in the evening of their lives and still profitable.Some times our mornings are filled with the excitement of finding out about ,life and the world, that we get caught up in the pride of life and never give our souls a thought, sometimes God starts us out in the prime of our lives and sometimes in the evening. Moses was one of thoses, not useing him in his prime, but God sent him out into the desert molded and shaped him untill he was an old man then God said, Its time Moses, now I can use you.Why at an old age? Because then he, and maby some of us, will hafe to depend intirelly on God . And the evening and the morning were the first day, is it yours today? Are you ready, after God puts you in the desert for 40 years to start your work in the evening, In the cool of the day? To walk with God and depend upon Him, to wake up and see a brighter day with the Lord, full of oppertunities to serve Him? Are you willing to take another look at the Bible and descover the things that youve been missing, the wonderfull mysteries that were once hidden and now become alive, and that same spirit that raised Jesus from the dead ,shall quicken your mortal bodys. Makeing your evening and morning brand new, each time you wake up. Its not time to retire, brothers and sisters, its time to make that journey to the new man and let Jesus strengthen you. Share your faith with the young. Dont judge others on their evening and morning and they wont judge you .Share your stories about Jesus, share yourselves with others.Give us this day our daily bread, our daily feeding of your presious word, O Lord. And let your Evening and Morning be brand new each day, for the Glory of God and for the piece of your souls. Dedicated to my mother, Mary Smith, of 78, who has taught the Bible for 18 years. ARS.

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