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The Ever Popular Tater Family

2 Corinthians 13:5

We are so thankful for all our families in the church. Each family is of vital importance to the church body.

Now, in reference to our own personal families, most of us have family members that we are especially proud of.

But sadly to say, most of us also have family members that we’re not particularly fond of.

We won’t even claim kin to them! We’ll say we’ve never heard of them.

The church family is not any different. Some church members make the church look good, and some, well, not so good.

Now, there is a family that I am thinking of that is so large they are a part of just about every church.

They are the ever popular Tater family. No doubt you already know them, and, like me, you’re not to proud of them either.

As a matter of fact, I really don’t think God is very proud of them.

Now, let’s see if we can identify some of the Tater family.

1. There’s old man Dic. You know him, Dic-tater!

He tries to run everything. He thinks nothing can get done of he isn’t in charge.

He has to tell everyone how things should be run, usually his way or no way.

Sometimes he holds the Pastor’s position. Sometimes he holds the deacon’s position, and sometimes he is just a layman.

God cannot bless a church where Mr. Dic-tater is in charge.

The church belongs to God. Jesus is the head of the church. “Upon this rock I will build MY church…….”

The Pastor is the shepherd and spiritual leader of the church. He is responsible for the spirituality of the local church. He is not a dictator, but a leader, and he gains respect through his leadership, not demands it.

The deacons are his spiritual advisors, uplifting, encouraging and supporting their pastor, and respecting him as the Shepherd/Pastor of the flock.

No deacon should be in control of the church, but instead the Pastor and deacons should work together as a team promoting harmony, unity and love in the congregation.

The church in which Mr. Dic-tater is in charge will always have problems, whether it be a pastor, board member, or layman.

2. The second member of the Tater family is Ole Ro. Yes, Mr. Ro-tater.

He is here one day, and you think he is going to be faithful and beneficial to the church, and the next thing you know he has rotated to another church.

He isn’t there long either, and he rotates to another church.

And if you wait long enough, he will eventually rotate back to our church!

He is in the circulation ministry!

Another characteristic about ole Mr. Ro-tater is that he is always changing the way he believes.

He isn’t stable in his doctrine, but changes with the wind, rotating back and forth.

Mr. Ro-tater also rotates his church attendance. He may come to church Sunday but next Sunday is his day to go the lake, go see Aunt Sally, or do some work around the house. Eventually he will rotate around and sneak back into his pew.

I Cor. 4:2 tells us that we are required as stewards, to be found faithful.

3. The third member of this Ever Popular Tater family is Sister Agi.

Sister Agi-tater. She’s not married, because she can’t find anyone she can get along with.

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