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Summary: A fun message that pulls no punches

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She’s a trouble maker for sure! She is always stirring up trouble in the church.

If she doesn’t see any trouble brewing, she’ll start some!

She causes a lot of confusion in the church, being an active supporter of any negative thing going on.

She’s zealous when it comes to trouble, but cold-hearted when it comes to unity and harmony. James 3:16 says, “for where envying and strife is, there is confusion and every evil work.”

Now Sister Agi-Tater has a uncle named Iri. Ole Iri-tater, pronounced “Eri-tater” is always irritating something in the church.

When I think of irritate, I think of the phrase “rubbing against.”

When you try to start a new program, Ole Iri-tater begins rubbing against it.

When you want to start a new building for the growth of the church, Ole Iri-tater begins rubbing against it.

When you want to buy a bus to pick up kids for Sunday School, Ole Iri-tater starts rubbing against it.

When you have new ideas for church growth and you are all excited about, leave it up to Ole Irr-tater to rub against it.

It’s like the old gentleman who was always against everything the church did.

One day they decided the church would look nice if they bought a new chandelier for the foyer.

Sure enough this old gentleman was against it.

When asked why he opposed to purchasing this new chandelier he replied, “We don’t have anyone who can play one. Besides what we need for this church is new lights!”

I guess we will always have Uncle Iri-tater around to keep us humble!

4. The fourth member of this renowned Tater family is cousin Hesi.

Yeah, you guessed it, Hesi-tater. She’s a dandy!

Nothing gets done around the church as long as cousin Hesi has anything to do with it.

She’s a hesi-tater.

When you want to start something for God old Hesi will hold you back.

Now it is certainly good to plan, calculate, have fore-thought. But Ole Hesi will still hesi-tate even after careful planning!

She hesitates about working for God.

She hesitates about taking a Sunday School class.

She hesitates about witnessing for Christ.

She hesitates about going to church.

She hesitates about praying.

She hesitates about paying her tithes! OH THAT HURTS!

She hesitates about winning souls.

As a result souls are lost, and the church loses opportunities that may never return.

Ole Hesi-tater straddles the fence. She holds back. She see-saws back and forth, and she drags her feet.

Ole Hesi-tater also hesitates at God’s promises, hesitates at His Word, and hesitates at God’s divine will for her life.

5. Then there is old Brother Spec. Spec-tater is his name. Now, one good thing about this old gentleman, he’s there every time we have service. He even shows up at our “work days.”

Yeah, he’s there alright, sitting on the pew with his arms folded.

He doesn’t put forth any effort.

He doesn’t participate in the singing, the worship, the prayer time, and he sure doesn’t participate in the offering!

And when service is over he goes home just like he came!

Ole Spec just watches everyone else from the sidelines.

Yeah, when we have a work day ole Spec watches us work.

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