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Summary: Describes the Evil of Envy

(Mark 15:6-14) "For he knew that the chief priests had delivered him for envy."

When Jesus was before Pilate; Pilate tried several times to release Jesus.

One of his attempts was to grant an old Roman edict, that would allow a prisoner to be released at the Passover.

So Pilate offered to release Jesus as the fulfilment of that edict.

To make their decision lean toward releasing Jesus he made them choose between Jesus and Barabbas...

He thought, surely they won’t choose Barabbas over Jesus...

> Barabbas was a wicked multi- murderer...

> The worst they could say about Jesus, was...

"He’s a friend of publicans and sinners..."

In fact, the Bible tells us very plainly why they brought Jesus for execution (v. 10)

> Even Pilate knew it was ENVY!

Pilate thought they would choose Jesus over a wicked murderer!

But, they chose Barabbas over Jesus!

> They HATED Him that much!

The Evil of Envy

I. The Definition of Envy.

A. The Dictionary’s Definition.

1. "Anger or discontent at the good fortune or possession of another".

> Envy is the uncomfortable feeling that one experiences when contemplating the good fortunes of another.

2. The word literally means "to look at with evil intent..."

> Called "the Green Eyed Monster" because it portrays someone who is looking so hard that his eyes turn green.

B. Envy goes beyond jealousy.

1. Jealousy, like envy, has as its object the possessions or position of another.

> But, jealousy is an inward or self-centered disposition.

2. When I am jealous I am hurt for myself.

> "Its not fair, he ALWAYS gets everything; I never get anything..."

> "I try to serve God and all I get is trouble... It’s not fair..."


3. But, ENVY points at the other person.

> Envy hates the individual that has what I want.

> Envy doesn’t just want to gain, he wants the other person to suffer loss.


C. The spirit of ENVY is more violent than the spirit of jealousy.

1. A jealous person is usually an introvert.

> He is hurt, angry, and upset; But its because he wants more for himself.

2. An ENVIOUS person is an extrovert.

> He is hurt, angry and upset, and he wants the other person to pay for it.

> He wants REVENGE!

3. Revenge for what?

> The other person is not hurting you by succeeding.

> Nor is he responsible for your success!

> How can someone hate another just because he is more successful?

> How can you blame someone else for your lack of success?


II. The Concealment of Envy.

A. Church Tradition - The Seven Deadly Sins.

1. Pride, Envy, Anger, Sloth, Greed, Gluttony, and Lust.

> Pride is self-love; Conceit.

> Anger is meanness and hate.

> Sloth is laziness.

> Greed is a lust for money.

> Gluttony is inability to say no to food.

> Lust is the immoral or perverted attraction to sexual pleasures.

2. Envy, as we’ve discovered is"

> "The hatred of another because of their success or position."

B. We would much sooner confess one of the other sins, than ENVY.

1. We would much rather say...

> I have a problem with anger!

> I have a problem with greed!

> I have a problem with gluttony!

> I have a problem with laziness!

> We would even rather say, I have a problem with LUST or PRIDE...

2. But, no one wants to say...


> I have a problem with ENVY!

3. Envy is a common sin, with almost every person having some problem with it at some time or another.

> Yet, it is a seldom confessed sin!

> Anger we can understand– who doesn’t get angry?

> Gluttony, lust, pride, we can all fall for these without too much effort.

> Sloth is easy, greed is common;

> But, who wants to admit to ENVY?

4. For the other sins, you can probably find a self-help group.

> If you have a problem with ANGER; you can get anger management counseling.

> If you have a problem with GLUTTONY, there are all kinds of weight counseling programs.

> Gamblers have self-help groups that the government pays for.

> But, no one is going to admit that they are struggling with ENVY!

5. Because envy hides in the dark recesses of our soul, some will NEVER get the help they need.

> Some will fall out with God and everyone, because of it...

III. Bible Examples of Envy

A. Because of envy, Cain slew Abel.

1. Cain was angry because God accepted Abel’s offering and rejected his.

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