Summary: Ignorance about spiritual warfare is a disaster and when things go wrong, people are caught in the enemy’s web.

There was a brother called Lucky. He knew the Bible but not very fervent. One day, he was about to go to work and he prayed the usual three- minute prayer. The Holy Spirit asked him to continue and he did. After a few minutes, he decided to stop and goes to work. At the bus stop, he boarded a bus and he did not know what happened until he found himself in a bush, naked, in the evening. There were other people with him and some were dead and he saw human parts all over the ground.

An old man came out of a hut and was pointing at him, telling the other people that he (Brother Lucky) was useless and they should take him out of the place. That was when Brother Lucky became conscious of what he had been through and what was going on. He had been kidnapped but was unusable to them. They dropped him by the road side and he found his way back to Lagos State.

Daniel 5:12: Forasmuch as an excellent spirit, and knowledge, and understanding, interpreting of dreams, and shewing of hard sentences, and dissolving of doubts, were found in the same Daniel, whom the king named Belteshazzar: now let Daniel be called, and he will shew the interpretation.

In a Police barracks, there used to be a morning parade. A particular policeman came late and he was punished. One of the other officers was asked to drill him and he really sweated on that day. The following morning, he was the first to arrive at the parade ground. This means that the drilling had an effect on him and he changed for the best.

Many people come to the church with different ideas and don’t know what it means to come to the house of God. Some take it as a place where problems are solved while some take it as a place where their necks are removed from the net of the devil. God will have mercy on us for all the wrong ideas that we have of the church.

If you look carefully through the Scriptures, you will find out that the church is supposed to be a military barracks where soldiers are supposed to get ready to fight. Even the aspects of healing and deliverance that we talk about are part of the military tactics. Many people, who go about looking for healing and deliverance, actually need drilling and discipline. If many would start to see themselves as soldiers, rather than patients, they would cure many things that they think are difficult. Unfortunately, many people are seeking to be pampered but the Lord is telling them to wake up and become soldiers.

A man once said: “Give a man a fish, then you have given him a meal, but if you teach him how to fish, you have fed him for life.” The aim of MFM is to teach people to fish but many are looking for fish without learning how to get it by themselves. Learning to fish would take time and efforts. Sometimes, the fish will eat up the worms on the hook and still escape because the fisherman did not pull it up in good time. When you eventually know how to fish, no fisherman or fish seller will be able to hold you to ransom.

Many people are looking for prophets who will see visions for them. Why don’t you seek to hear and see from God by yourself? The greatest problem in a church is that people don’t know how to hear from God. There are some things that people worry about but cannot say specifically what God is saying about the issue.

Some businesses are not moving because those involved have not sought the face of God to know the will of God concerning it. The best way out is to seek by yourself what God is saying about anything that concerns you. Those who prophesy or see visions are not spirits; they are human beings born the same way you were born. What happens if your visioner or prophet travels or dies? Do you look for another one?

My prayer for you today, is that the Lord will open the eyes of your understanding, so that you will grasp what I am trying to portray to you in this message. Seeing a vision is different from solving a problem.

One day, a sister went to a white garment prophet whose face she did not see. She just saw his hand as he stretched it out to collect the consultation fee and he heard his voice when he gave her a demonic verdict on her case. He said the angel had cancelled her name three times and was driven away. She came to MFM and wanted to know what to do. She was told that she had gone to look for trouble by herself; she was the one who went to look for the evil prophesy she was given.

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Francis Enebeli

commented on Oct 27, 2006

I'm glad i found this site, Bro.Olukoya has given a good treatise on the excellent spirit. praise God

Priscilla Gash

commented on Dec 10, 2006

Thank you sir, I was sleeping with respect to my destiny but I,m now awake. I see the light. It's been very helpful. Once again thank you.

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