Summary: The blessing of being in the inner chamber of God’s Presence through prayer.

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The Experience of Daniel

Text: Daniel 6


A. Why is prayer essential? We have learned four points in our last lesson about the essentiality of prayer.

1. Prayer will draw us near to God;

2. Prayer will allow us to experience God’s Power;

3. Prayer will unlock the storehouse of God’s blessings;

4. Prayer is one of our spiritual weapons against the archenemy of our souls, the devil.

T.S. Let’s study the experience of Daniel and see some important principles of prayer

through his example.

B. Background:

1. Daniel, though a Babylonian captive, was chosen by the king of Medo-Persian Empire to be one of the important administrators of the kingdom.

2. But his co-administrators were envious to know that the king most favored Daniel than them.

3. They then plotted to eliminate Daniel. Since Daniel was faithful and diligent to his responsibilities, they were not able to find any ground to accuse him (v.4).

4. One day, together they went to the king and cunningly persuaded him to sign a decree forbidding everyone in the kingdom to pray to any god within a period of three months. And anyone violating the decree will be cast to the Lion’s den.

5. They knew Daniel very well. They knew that Daniel prayed to his God three times a day. And they were so confident that their plot would succeed. Daniel would surely be convicted this time.

6. When Daniel heard the news, he went home. What was his reaction? Was he afraid? Did he hide dreadful? No! He opened the windows facing Jerusalem, knelt down and as his custom, prayed to his God.

Why was Daniel not afraid of death? Why did he allow himself to be in jeopardy by praying? What made him so brave and so confident in facing this great danger of his life?

There is only one answer for this: Daniel was prepared to face this great challenge of his life and faith because he was in constant communion with God through prayer. His communion with God:

a. Guarantees him of God’s abiding Presence.

· Daniel was strengthened by the fact that God was with him; he felt the very Presence of God. He’s never fearful but peaceful.

· Brave people are those who are not afraid to face death, not because they are fearless, but because they have great peace within their hearts.

· Read church history books and you will find many, in fact millions, of brave men and women of the church. These people went through a torturous death. But they died with serene spirits and having joyful faces, because they felt God was with them all the way to their death. They were not afraid because of the assuring presence of God.

· David also said: ”Though I walk through the valley of the shadows of death I fear no evil for Thou art with me.”

· Is God’s presence real to you? Do you feel God’s assuring presence being with you? How would describe your walk with God now? Can you honestly say “Yes I’m enjoying an intimate relationship with God?” If you feel your answer is no, then something is wrong with your spiritual. If you feel you can honestly say yes, then you can sing, “Because He lives I can face tomorrow, because He’s with me all fear is gone.”

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