Summary: Jesus spoke emphatically to Thomas (and us) “Stop Doubting – Start Believing”.


Last week we talked about Doubting Thomas in John 20. Jesus spoke emphatically to Thomas (and us) “Stop Doubting – Start Believing”.

Evidently some doubt while others believe.

1. Doubting – closely connected with how we rationalize things in our brain. We rely on our intellect and logic to sort things. These things are only for this life and are temporary in relevance. We think but it is not necessary to believe. In fact, in time we may even change our mind about what we think. We go to the world for our facts…

2. Believing – We rely completely on the authority of God’s Word. We sense with our heart what is absolutely the TRUTH. TRUTH is eternal. God never changes His mind about what He has said. We go to God for our TRUTH.

Illustration: Recent article being printed and read all over the world regarding some FACTS that NASA has been telling us since 2010. ETC.

So then – Does Jesus want us to Doubt? Or does He want us to Believe?

Let me share with you a few simple TRUTHs you can build your life with and believe…

TEXT: Romans 1: 20 – 21

1. People in the Old Testament agreed on what was told them by the Prophets of their time.

2. The Laws of Moses were told to them. Do this but don’t do this.

3. The people of the O.T. did not always Believe God for TRUTH.

4. They had a fear relationship with God.

God’s relationship with mankind was frustrating. What was God to do?

TEXT: JOHN 1:1 – 3, verse 14

God provided you and I with a plan that did not rely on how smart we were, or just a list of things we were told to do. God’s New Plan was for Mankind to:

A) Stop living by the Laws of Moses

B) Start living by the eternal TRUTH’s of God’s Word (Jesus)

C) Live in the freedom and security of knowing and believing but without any doubt.


1. Have you ever watched someone really struggling with being a Christian?

2. Have you ever wondered how it is that other people can totally believe God?

3. Why is it that some Believe and others want to Believe?

Text: Hebrews 1:1 – 2

(This can be easy to remember in that both scriptures are found in the first chapter and verse of John and now Hebrews. This teaching must have been for both who wrote John and Hebrews.)

1. Here – Jesus has taken charge of your belief just as He did for Thomas. Jesus does not want you to Doubt, but He is not going to condemn you. Jesus (in Truth) is willing to help you to Believe, and not Doubt.

In Mark 9 – Jesus was brought to Him the little boy who was a demoniac that even the disciples could not help. After Jesus delivered the boy from his demons, the father said to Jesus, “Jesus help my unbelief.”

I have noticed in MY walk with God something that maybe you have noticed in your walk with God. It is similar to what the father of the little boy experienced when he met Jesus that day. And that is this:

As soon as the little boy was delivered of all those demons, his father realized that he had “unbelief” in his life/heart. Each of us has at one point or another have struggled with “unbelief”. Perhaps you don’t realize (yourself) how big of a struggle “unbelief” is your heart, as well.

After God does something miraculous in our lives we can see clearly how we really did not trust God with His Holy Word (the Bible).

So then when is the best time for you to believe God and the Bible?

Actually - it is right after you experience Christ doing something supernatural in your personal life. … Be it a miracle or maybe a revelation. This is how God operates to cause us to “Believe” in Him and in His Holy Word!

In Hebrews 1:2 (we read that) Jesus “has spoken to us by His Son”, and it is Jesus Who speaks with authority:

2. The authority of Jesus convinces Mankind that He is the only One Who is worthy to judge unbelief. He will do this at the Great White Throne Judgement.

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