Summary: "Reverend Sam . . . you seem to always ask others for their testimonial words. Why not use some of your own testimonies?"

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Part 1: What is faith?

For those of you that have been with this Ministry for a long while, you know, one of my favorite topics to preach on is indeed: "Faith".

As I spoke to some of you personally on the phone,

I asked that you share some of the experiences your faith got you through. And low and behold, you guys turned the tables on me, and asked me to share my personal faith successes . . . and that's okay, for it will give me the opportunity to witness as well . . .

"Reverend Sam . . . you seem to always ask others for their testimonial words. Why not use some of your own testimonies?"

Well . . . with that thought in mind, I will do this, in an attempt to help you guys know that faith does indeed work for all of us.

To start out with, let’s look at a very important question, that actually titles this message . . .

What is faith?

Let’s look at this is two ways . . .

FIRST . . . Cambridge University says faith is a complete trust or confidence, or perhaps a strong belief in a religion.

SECOND . . . let’s see what the world’s foremost authority has to say when asked about faith. Paul says in Hebrews 11:1:

"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."

Without a doubt . . . the Book of Hebrews is loaded with teachings on faith. If there is ever a question on it . . . Hebrews has the answer.

So again, let’s ask that question . . . What is faith?

Faith is that strength that you acquire when you are totally exhausted both mentally and physically. It’s that extra spark that GOD gives you when you trust in HIM.

When all else seems to fail . . . faith sees you through . . . faith gives you the determination to keep pushing on towards the mark of GOD.

I always love to research and read about the numerous faith heroes that are in the Bible. By this I mean those people that stood out as a good example for you to follow . . .

Most of you already know about Noah, Moses, David, and of course Abraham.

But how many of you know the faith stories about Abel, Enoch, Sarah, Jacob, Joseph, Caleb, Rehab, and Jonathan? These are just the ones listed in the Old Testament, for there are plenty more in the New testament.

Which ever hero in the Bible you chose to pick and read about, you will note one very big and common thing in regards to them . . . their faith was complete in GOD because they were obedient to GOD.

In this series, we are all going to take a truly deeper look at faith and just how it affects our every day lives.

I look forward to ministering to you guys!

I love you all!

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