Summary: an idendification of the true faith versus the many false ones



The F . O . T . S . O . G .

Many claim that they are believers. “ Just believe in anything. It’s fine”

The Faith of the Son of God is different. “ We also believe in Jesus Christ”

Even the Devil and his demons believe in the Son of God. Mattew8: 29/ what have we to do with thee Jesus Thou Son of God? Did you come to torment us before the time? Demons believe and confess. James 2:19/ you believe in God, …so the demons too… One day EVERY KNEE SHALL BOW & EVERY TOUNGE SHALL CONFESS THAT JESUS CHRIST IS LORD. But this is not the Faith of the Son of God!


Because all are sinners and short of the glory of God, therefore we need to be saved. This is the goal of our faith! According to 1Peter 1: 9

God has prepared a Day of Judgment; He has prepared a lake of fire, for the Devil and his angels, because of their transgressions.

And because God loves man, and does not want to lose him, he has provided for him a salvation. Salvation from eternal death, salvation from sins, the cause of death; because the wage of sin is death!

Now God is a just God and He cannot forgive sin without the price to be paid, which is DEATH . Who can redeem man, and die in exchange? God is just and merciful. He will not let anyone who is innocent perish to save man. That is why He himself descended, and robed himself with flesh and bone, taking the picture of man, so to replace man, and die in his place.

HE DIED ON THE CROSS-. The holy replacing the sinner, but all sinners that receives Him. All this to justify them that believe in the Merciful God.

This is why He was bruised and forsaken, so that we would not be eternally forsaken. This is why there is no other name under the heavens among men in whom we should be saved, (except the name of JESUS). Acts 4:12.

This is why there is no more condemnation on those who are in Christ Jesus Romans8: 1, those who received him, because only they believed, that He died for them. THIS IS THE “ F.O.T.S.O.G.”


Repentance is not something we do before we come to God. Repentance is the way we come to God.

We cannot come to God, and still holding our sins. Our sins that caused the death of the Son of God, and costing the precious blood of the Redeemer. Those sins that caused the death of Jesus should be forsaken, should be DESTROYED! After you have built an idea, upon another, and an action upon another action, and a reaction upon another. Now you have a strong building, an enormous edification, and a mature character. But sinful! You are asked to destroy it once and for all.

Time passes, and we grow in Christ, from babes to elder babes. And circumstances change, days are harder, and trials may be increasing or becoming less. Then we try to change attitudes, and bring from those bricks some few ones to rebuild what has been destroyed. WATCH IT! Why the trouble? God will not permit that you rebuild the entire house you once destroyed! He will destroy it Himself. That is why many of you are passing in afflictions, and many are sick and some are dyeing. Why troubling your self.

We repent once and for all, and then we keep ourselves in a state of repentance!

We that died to sin how can we live in it anylonger?

“Or don’t you know that all of us who were baptized into Christ Jesus, were baptized into his death? We were therefore buried with him through baptism into death in order that just as Christ was raised from the dead …, we too maylive a new life”. Romans 6:2-4

This is why……….


Being CRUCIFIED with CHRIST, is fearful and rejected . Unless you are sure Christ resurrected from the dead. This is Faith, the f.o.t.s.o.g.!!!

We believe He is resurrected, and therefore we dare to be united with Him on the Cross by FAITH we die! I have been crucified with Christ, says Paul, that I might no longer live, but Christ ( the resurrected), lives in me.

The F.O. T. S. O. G. is based on believing that the one who died for our sins was raised from the dead, and that He lives forever. By the Spirit which raised Jesus, we will be regenerated, and thus live a new life! A life united with the Living God.

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