Summary: A fall of God’s power over a church/believer is a game changer (encouragement) It is the outpouring of His Spirit that makes us keep going when the well gets dry, waters have grown stagnant, burned out & ready to quit.

Holy Spirit Part 2 Dr. Mike Fogerson June 10, 2012

A A fall of God’s power over a church/believer is a game changer (encouragement)

1 Acts 3.19, describes these times as “times of refreshing.”

a It is the outpouring of His Spirit that makes us keep going when the well gets dry, waters have grown stagnant, burned out & ready to quit.

b For those who are spiritually thirsty, the rain does come (or you’ll where it is raining) and experience “times of refreshing.”

c God promises His babies an outpouring, Isa. 44.3.

2 When God’s power falls, there will also be endowment. (Gift, pension, legacy)

a He endows/equips the church/Christians to minister & serve.

b Often times revival brings forth these “times of refreshing.”

aa The water level rises and sweeps away all the jams, dry spots, and the river runs once again.

bb The dry places of your life become re-hydrated, saturated with living water once again.

cc Church/individual both can experience revival.

3 Revival is a showcase of what man can do as God breaks through in His power.

B When God shows up, there is not only an endowing but there is also an enduing (Luke 24.49; KJV, NASB, ).

1 Endue actually means “to clothe.”

a “Endue” has to do with the visible work of the Holy Spirit.

b You see people’s clothes & you notice when someone doesn’t have any clothes on.

c This enduing is the tangible evidence that God has come upon a person’s spirit.

2 What does the Holy Spirit look like when He clothes someone?

a We’ve talked about gifts (like prayer language as well as other phenomena), but this is not the only gift/manifestation of the Holy Spirit.

b I want you to know what the clothes of the Holy Spirit like, what kind of fashion He brings.

I Physical Manifestations of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

A Trembling or shaking under God’s power.

1 Jeremiah 5.22, we find trembling was a result of fear of simply being in His presence.

a Daniel 10.11-12

b Habakkuk 3.16

2 Trembling also occurred when someone was delivered or healed (Mark 5.33.)

a The woman with the issue of blood trembled under the reality that she had been delivered from her illness.

b She was weak in the knees, blown her over with a feather kind of trembling.

3 Trembling also happened when they fell under the convicting power of the Holy Spirit.

a Acts 24.25 KJV,

b Acts 9.6 KJV, Paul at his conversion asked God for new direction.

c Not every instance of the Spirit’s filling is accompanied by trembling/shaking, but it is possible! (Acts 4.31)

4 Trembling was common during the Great Awakening (conviction fell on Northhampton, MA) 1740's.

a This trembling/quaking gave the “quakers” their name.

b In the 1840's, Reverend Barton Stone, leader of the Cane Ridge Revival, told about trembling at that revival (and other revivals on the frontier) and how common this manifestation was.

aa “Sometimes the subject of the jerks would be affected in some one one member of the body, and sometimes in the whole system. When the head alone was affected, it would be jerked backward and forward, or from side to side, so quickly that the features of the face could not be distinguished. When the whole system was affected, I have seen the person stand in one place, and jerk backward and forward in quick succession, their head nearly touching the floor behind and before.” -Stone.

bb The trembling/shaking can be in one limb or the whole body and it is possible, Scriptural evidence, historical evidence.

B Joy and singing

1 From time to time, the movement of the Holy Spirit may result in an outbreak of joy.

a Ps. 126.2 KJV; Ecc. 3.4

b These verses don’t instruct us specifically in the use of laughter by the Holy Spirit, but you can’t get away from the fact that freedom from the bondage of the enemy produces real joy.

aa We have been rescued! Salvation is a rescue.

bb What happened to the Children of Israel (release from Egypt/bondage/slavery) in the natural often is applicable to us in the spiritual realm.

cc 1 Cor. 10.11, tells us that the Hebrews are to be our example.

2 IL. Everest

a For those who have been truly set free, released, delivered, the result will often times lead to a desire to sing & praise Jesus.

b Simon Peter recognized this when he wrote 1 Peter 1.6-8.

3 Jonathan Edwards, Religious Affections, told of instances in his meetings when people would burst out in laughter and moments later melted into tears when the Spirit fell.

4 George Whitefield & Reverend Stone both wrote of the joy that would often be expressed as singing at their meetings.

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