3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: Leadership, Example, Commitment, Family

All In The Family

Joshua 24:1-15 (p. 163) September 22, 2013


I have met people who get that they want out of fear...They are dogmatic and prone to anger...people would rather let them have their way or would rather not “stir up a hornet’s nest”...so these people manipulate others and circumstances out of fear...

I have met people who get what they want out of guilt...you know the person who says, “Well if you don’t love me enough to do this...or go there...or get me this, then I understand.” Maybe they remind you of a past mistake or small injustice you committed against them...and that’s followed by...”O, by the way could you be a doll and help me out with this.”

People that try to lead and manipulate others and circumstances out of fear and guilt usually end up very lonely...even if they get what they want, those people they’ve used in the process tend to fade away...distance themselves. And if it’s the matriarch or the patriarch of a family using these very unhealthy practices to control people...the consequences are lifelong and devastating...The ones who use these methods continue to try and control out of fear and/or guilt...but children grow up...mates get sick of it...and both move on and away...The fear/guilt leader blames the separation on them.

Last week we saw the consequences of favoritism in Joseph’s life...it got him a multicolored coat...it also got him brothers that hated him and wanted to kill him, and sold into slavery.

Today we look at an amazing leader named Joshua...I remember the old joke. Here it is...”Who was the only guy in the O.T. without parents.... Answer: Joshua, he was the Son of Nun. N.U.N....(yeah I know it’s pretty lame).

1 Chronicles 7:27 teaches us that Joshua was the eldest son of his family. He had been born during Israel’s time of slavery in Egypt and would have been around 40 years old at the beginning of the Exodus...The fact that he was even alive proves that his parents had been obedient to God’s command to sprinkle blood from the Passover Lamb on the doorframe of their home...The death angel passed over Nun’s household and the life of Joshua, their first born was spared because they believed and obeyed God’s Word.

We learn a lot from the 1st time someone is mentioned in Scripture...and Joshua is first mentioned in Ex. 17:9...”Moses said to Joshua “Choose some of our men and go and fight the Amalekites. Tomorrow I will stand on top of the hill with the staff of God in my hands. So Joshua fought the Amalekites as Moses had ordered.”

Here’s the 1st thing we learn about Joshua and his family being ALL IN...


Our text in Joshua 24 is a recapturing of history...It’s a time of resting from the continuous battles...Joshua according to his own words in Chapter 23 verse 2 is “a very old man.” They are living in the Promised Land which God has given them.

And just like us, as we get older we tend to reflect back on life...”The good ole days”...This will be Joshua’s farewell address...Everyone’s there...all the 12 tribes...and he is surrounded by the elders, leaders, judges and officials of Israel...Listen

JOSHUA 24:2-12

It’s the history from Abraham’s call to Jericho’s fall...(and even beyond)

And for a great deal of that journey Joshua wasn’t Israel’s leader was he? Moses led them out of Egypt, through the Red Sea...and then verse 7 says “You lived in the wilderness for a long time.”

Anyone remember why? The book of Numbers in the O.T. exists because of the answer...Moses has led the Israelites to Canaan...God told Moses to send a leader from each of the 12 tribes to “spy out the Land.” Joshua the son of Nun represents the tribe of Ephraim...Caleb, son of Jephunneh represents Judah...You won’t remember the other 10 spies. Listen to their report...

NUMBERS 13:26-33

The people begin to grumble...Criticize Moses & Aaron’s leadership...they even want to select another leader to take them back to Egypt...back to slavery...

NUMBERS 14:5-12

Moses pleads to God not to destroy them...And God listens...but everyone of that generation would die while wandering in the wilderness...40 years...All but Joshua & Caleb.

“If you want to lead the orchestra you must turn your back on the crowd.”

Joshua and Caleb had Moses’ back...Joshua was an amazing follower way before God commissioned him to be “strong and courageous”...

For us to be good leaders over our children, grandchildren, and people we are discipling we must be able to take orders from those above us (especially God).

Our model isn’t Moses...our model is Christ...The greatest servant leader that’s ever lived, died and lives again!!!

When Jesus calls “Follow me and I will make you fishers of men.” (LK 5:10) He would be the most amazing example of fishing for men this world, and his followers would ever see.

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