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Summary: Sermon on Proverbs 2:1-11 - The fear of the Lord.

Prov 2:1-11

The fear of the Lord


ILL -- Books and exams

Do you remember your first word? Or perhaps your first textbook? If not, then I’m sure you’ll remember your first exam? For many of us, especially those who are students, there is a constant need to increase and seek after wisdom, knowledge and understanding. As we grow older, and move on in our education, we study more and more subjects, more and more textbooks, more and more exams.

Well, thankfully with the Lord, He has already given us all we need for faith and life. Everything that is important for faith and life has been inspired and written down in the Bible. Now this is not another textbook that we need to simply study and know, rather, it is a revelation, God revealing Himself to us, so that we can have a personal relationship with Him, we can know Him and grow more and more like Him, and we can trust and pursue all that God has purposed for our lives.

Today we will be looking at one of the books of wisdom, Proverbs, written by the wise king Solomon.

Let us read Proverbs 2, verses 1 to 11.

Before we look at the text, let us examine this phrase "the fear of the Lord". This phrase appears 26 times in the entire Bible, and out of these 26 times, 14 of them are in Proverbs. This shows that this is definitely an important subject in the eyes of the wisest man, Solomon. Today, let us look at just one such passage.


- accept my words

- store my commands

- turn your ear

- apply your heart

- call out for insight

- cry aloud for understanding

- look for it

- search for it

- note the number of active verbs, 8 times in 5 verses

- we must be active in our search for wisdom

- the NT talks about this, ask and it will be given, seek and you will find (Matt 7:7; Lk 11:9)

- not just for finding wisdom, but really applying and relying on God constantly

- 1st 4 talks about application of wisdom (v.1-2); the next 4 on praying for/seeking wisdom (v.3-4)

- the result is that we will understand the fear of the Lord and know God (v.5)


- gives wisdom

- come knowledge and understanding

- holds victory (stores up sound wisdom)

- shield

- guard course

- protects way

- the Bible does not just challenge us to to find wisdom, it promises that God gives wisdom

- we need to recognize that the ultimate source of wisdom is God (v.6)

- those whom God gives wisdom are described as upright, blameless, just, faithful

- as we grow in the fear of the Lord, in the knowledge of God, He grants us victory, and shields, guards, protects us

- when we face times of uncertainty, when we are struggling with issues, problems, when we can’t make sense of what is going on around us, we are able to turn to God

- as we seek to see things through God’s wisdom, through His eyes, He promises to guide us and protect us

- we will also grow to become upright, walking in His ways, and grow in faithfulness towards Him


- understand what is right, just, fair; every good path

- wisdom will enter heart, knowledge will be pleasant to soul

- discretion protects, understanding guards

- By looking at the result of wisdom, we can know why it is so important

- there are many paths in life, the narrow gate that leads to life (Matt 7:13, 14)

- we can plan our course, but God is the one that determines our steps (Prov 16:9)

- Not only will we have wisdom, but it will be pleasant

- It will also protect and guard our lives as we make choices and live out our lives


What are some practical ways that we can grow in wisdom and the fear of the Lord?

- respect and revere His holy word (ILL: Bibles in China, S$2.50)

- set aside time to read, study and meditate on God’s word (ask for God’s guidance)

- journal and make notes (during sermons, CG, QT)

- truth in itself does not save lives, truth applied saves lives

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