Summary: We must create a thirst in others before we offer them the life giving water. This message will give a three part method for creating thirst.


I. The closing point of last Sunday’s sermon was, “Sometimes We Must Create A Thirst, Before We Offer Water.”

A. Perhaps as you heard that, one of your questions might well have been, “But just how am I supposed to do that.”

B. How do I make people thirsty for the water that only Christ can offer.

II. I believe that is one thing that the women at the well did, and probably didn’t even realize it.

A. If we look at John chapter 4, verse 29, we read - “Come, see a man who told me all the things that I have done; this is not the Christ, is it?”

B. I wonder how many towns folk said, “Of course he did. It’s not like your not known around here?”

C. Perhaps a few said something like that, but the text seems to indicate that this statement from the women, not only brought some to meet Jesus, but that the towns folk continued to come.

III. As I was rereading this passage, I was reminded that everyone of us that know Christ, has a story to tell of how Christ has effected our lives, or at least we should.

A. If I claim to know Christ, and yet cannot think of something He has done in my life, I would suggest that you re-evaluate your relationship with Him.

B. As I was reading this passage, I was also reminded of Brad.

IV. Brad was a man that I met in a previous church.

A. Brad had come to visit our church, because his wife was related to one of our church members, and that member had invited her to a service.

B. Brad came with her, and low and behold, the next week they came back.

C. They actually began to attend services on an almost weekly basis.

V. In time, I met with them, heard their testimony, and before long, Brad asked about helping to lead worship in our church.

A. Now I knew Brad’s history, but one Sunday morning he decided to share from the pulpit what God had done in his life.

1. He began by saying, “Every time I’m scheduled to lead worship, I spend extra time in prayer, just about my language.

2. I have a problem in that area, and I know I need God’s help to keep it in check.

3. Then he went on to say,

a. “I am a convicted murderer.

b. I have spent time in prison, and he shared just a bit about his life.

c. He went on to say how God had worked a change in his life; he was a new creation, because of the power of Christ.”

B. You know, I don’t remember the specifics of his testimony.

1. I don’t remember the circumstances that had caused him to take another’s life,

2. Or even how he got out of prison, although I do remember that he was legal.

C. I also remember that, I don’t have a story like that, but I do remember that we all have a story.

D. If God is real, and Christ death means anything, and the Holy Spirit living within us has the power to work, then we all have a story that can create thirst in others for what we already have experienced.

VI. Jesus created a thirst in the women by saying, “If you knew the one that was asking you for a drink, you would have asked him.”

VII. Jesus may have also created a thirst in the women to know more when he said, “I know you have already had five husbands, and now you are only living with someone” and yet he didn’t really chastise her, or beat her up.

A. Jesus simply said, “I know all about you, and I want to share living water with you anyway.”

B. I want you to know that I care more about you, than in what you have done.”

VIII. Jesus had asked her for a cup of water, and look what the women did in verse 29; she asked,

A. “This isn’t the Christ, is it?”

B. Jesus aroused her interest by breaking with tradition, and she created a thirst in others by asking a question.

IX. Perhaps we can begin to create a thirst in people through having fewer answers, and asking more questions.

X. The fields are “white for the harvest” and we need, in fact we are commanded to be involved in the harvest.

XI. But how?

XII. That is the question I would like to try and answer this morning, by continuing to look at the gospel of John chapter 4.

Develop An Awareness of Opportunities to Share

I. You might say, as I have, “I will share Christ with others, if they ask, but seldom does anyone ask.”

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