Summary: The title is a bit humorous, but that is how a lot of churches are. Fighting for harmony. This sermon looks at how to make harmony or unity naturally happen in your church.

The Fight for Harmony!

Satan on vacation

Non-working churches don’t scare Satan

Lack of harmony

Bickering over the use of musical instruments

Division negates evangelism

Php. 4:7; Ga. 5:15

Why were verses like this written?

Because of poison

Poisons affect on the body

James 3:6-12

Greatest cause of atheism- inconsistency

The problem is the poison, not the tongue

9-12 is the inconsistency

Threats to Harmony

False teaching, legalistic spirit, criticism

Uncontrolled EGO

Areas of pride in ministries

Steps to Harmony

Be flexible, avoid controversy if possible, confront divisive people, respect the leaders

EGO under control

Unity requires humility

It doesn’t matter who gets the credit

Develop a Sense of Humor

Pr. 17:22

Conversation about Lord’s Supper

Practice Servanthood

Disciples bickering in the upper room

John 13:5

Servants are cooperative, EGO’s under control

Be Quick to Forgive

The Day I Forgot the Wedding

I say all that to say

Do you like it when your children fight?

Neither does God like it when we fight?

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