Summary: A sermon that explains that Christ is the answer to our broken world.


(John 17: 1-6)

We live in a world of greed where money talks and rules.

I invite you to look at the figure of Christ. Christ did not lust after money or material things. He put his whole trust in God the Father who had sent him to redeem the human race. He accepted the gratuitous transference of all the guilt, the shame, the trepidations, the errors, the vagaries, the sins of all people, of all time. He brought all that to the Father at the cross and said, “Father, I have come to do your will.” And also: “Father, glorify your Son…” He is the answer to the problems facing a broken world. Christ, the risen Lord, IS the answer. If a rising tide can lift all ships, as is sometimes said, just think for one moment what a risen Christ can do. He can lift people up from their lust, their greed, their dissatisfaction, their insecurities, their longing for a peaceful life. Christ is the way to peace and security in a broken world. Greed, on the other hand, is the antithesis to peace.

In the world and the life of today, Christ, born of Mary, IS the answer.

“I have come that you may have life…”: In a world riddled with strife and war and discord, where terrorism rears its ugly head, in a world gone astray – Christ, who taught in the temple at the age of 12, IS the answer.

“When the earth begins to tremble, let your wary hearts be still…”: In a world marked by natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes, where despair overtakes the human spirit – Christ, who calmed the Sea of Galilee, IS the answer.

In a world where corruption and dishonesty are the word in the boardrooms and on the street – Christ, the everlasting word of God, IS the definitive answer.

In a world where greed is the main motivation of individuals, groups, communities and countries, in a world where spiritual values are counted for nothing, Christ, who forgave the woman at the well and who cured the blind man at the temple, IS the answer.

In a world where great disparities exist between the rich and the poor, and where dictatorial regimes rule for their own benefit, in a world striving for a better distribution of riches – Christ, who turned water into wine and fed thousands with just a few fishes and some loaves of bread, IS the answer.

In a world where families are disunited, where marriages are broken, where friendships often go astray, in a world where people are totally self-centered – Christ, who befriended an ordinary man called Zachaeus, IS the definitive answer.

In a world seeking for answers in the face of uncertainty, Christ, who took on the sins of the world on the cross, IS the answer.

He has the whole world in his hands. He is the beginning and the end. Trust in Him, and not in the material things. Dedicate your life to Him, and He will look after you.

And May the risen Lord, always merciful and gracious, shower you with his blessings now and forever.

Amen and amen.

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