Summary: The bible is a book filled with numerical significance, as validated by this text.

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The September 11, experience was an awakening experience for entire U.S. and its allies. Although it surprised a relax world, it did not catch our God by surprise. In an attempt to search the bible for illumination relative to its numerical relevance, I turned to Genesis chapter 11:1-9 and observed the following:

1. The First 911 (chapter 11 and 9 verses)

2. The First U.N. (verse 3)

3. The First Tower) (verse 4)

4. The First symbol of man’s pride (verse 4)

5. The First period of global confusion (verse 7)

Conclsion: Let us search the scriptures daily for the answers in these confused times. The bible reminds us that September 11, was not the first 911. There have been and will be many more...Let 911 serve as a startling reminder of the brevity of human life. May such an alarm drive all who read this outline to seek Christ before the next 911.

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