Summary: This sermon should challenge each hearer to understand their need for salvation and come to Jesus for redemption.

Subject: Salvation of Mankind

Scripture: Genesis 3.1-19

Sermon: The First Gospel Message

Scope: This sermon should challenge each hearer to accept God’s call to salvation.

Summary: In this passage we read about the ghoulishness of our depravity and the gloriousness of the gospel message.

Segue: I want to share four truths that will transform your life forever.

Introduction: In this passage we find the head water of calamity. In this passage we read about the birth of all the criminal activity reported by the media. By this passage we become aware of the root of all of life’s problems. Here, we come face to face with the depravity of the human nature.

Do you ever wonder why murderer’s murder? Have you ever wondered why rapists rape? Do you ever wonder why robbers rob; or why teenagers rebel; why we live above our means; why I eat more than I should? Why do we do the things we know we shouldn’t do? I will tell you why. We do it because of the events outlined in Genesis chapter three.

Here is where we find the reason for all of life’s problems. Here is where we learn that we have a genetic predisposition for sin. Here we find the heart of Paul’s battle in Romans chapter seven. Here we find the reason that “all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God (Romans 3.23).” That’s the bad news. That is the dark side of this story. The flip side is so much better.

In this passage find the ghoulish details of our human depravity. It is in the same passage that we find the glory of the gospel. One chapter removed from the creation we read about both sin and salvation. Once chapter removed from creation we learn of the fall of man and the means of his forgiveness. Before a word of condemnation was uttered towards humanity, the way of transformation was given. Before God ever cursed the ground because of sin He gave the cure for humanity’s fall. Before God chastened His creation He pointed them to the Christ.

It has been said that we should “rejoice in the swift mercy of God, which in the early watches of the night of sin came with comfortable words to us.” In essence Satan had just stamped his image of sinfulness onto the heart of humanity. He had, for an instant, felt the jubilation of victory. “But, in that moment God comes in and takes the fight personally. God causes Satan to be disgraced on the very battle field upon which he had gained a temporary success.”

God in a single breath uttered both the damnation of Satan and the hope of humanity. Here we find the cure for the curse of sin. Here we find hope for what seems like a hopeless world. If we grasp the truth of this first gospel message we will hold in our minds the power that will transform our lives and the lives of all of humanity.

Do you need hope in the midst of your trials? Do you need peace in the midst of your peril? Then you need to listen today.

It has been said that “the three things that should be preached above everything else are the three R’s- Ruin, Redemption, and Regeneration.” How true this statement is. “How will man seek salvation unless he understands his ruin? Where is salvation except in the atoning blood of the lamb? What is salvation but being created anew unto holiness.”

This morning I want to share with you not three, but four R’s that we find in our text. Your understanding of these four R’s will transform your life forever.

I. Ruin – “I ate” – The Eating.

a. The cause of our ruin – disobedience.

b. The cost of our ruin – peace, purity, paradise.

II. Redemption – “He will bruise your head and you will bruise His heal” – The Execution.

a. The cure for our ruin – the cross.

b. The Crucifixion.

III. Regeneration – “Enmity between you and the woman” –Enmity.

a. The cleansing from sin.

b. The constant disdain for sin.

IV. Redeemer –“The woman’s Seed” – Incarnation.

a. The Christ.

b. The Chief Priest.

c. The King of kings.

Conclusion: Do you see the state of ruin today? Have you seen the need for your redemption this morning? Will you let God regenerate your sin sick soul? Will you come to the Redeemer Jesus Christ?

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