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Summary: Back to the Beginning.We today can be a survivor if we follow Adams’ example in responding to the voice and call of God.

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The Concepts of Salvation in the beginning are the same Today. God has not changed and His Word then is His Word now!

Man left to Himself WILL go astray.-Psalms.10:4

The subtility of that old Serpent,has not decreased.

Satan is in force today using whatever means He has to

detour us in the Plan and Purpose of God in Salvation.

1. The DECEPTION...vs.4-6.

a. the message of deception...matt.7:13-15...Galatians.1:4-8...John.10:9-10

b. the means (ways) of deception...1-john.2:16...Eve saw...she desired...she make one wise...miracles by Pharoah’s magicians in Eygpt...2.corin.11:14-15...coloss.2:8...1-tim.1:3-7

c. the motive in deception...Satan wants your worship..isaiah.14:14...matt.4...He wants to weaken you..luke.22:31-32...He wants to wine-dine you..matt.16:26...He needs warriors for his battle..revelation.20:7-10

2.The DIRECTION...vs.7-8..

a. their findings.. "they knew" knows...rom.1:20-21...jonah.1:1-3...the prodigal son remembered...

b. their fig-leaves..( a cover-up )...tried to cover the sins with works...ephes.2:8-9...salvation is not in works,wafers,wine,water,wealth,or Word, but in a Person the Lord Jesus..

c.the forest(hiding)...hiding behind membership and not the messiah, hiding in baptism and not the blood of denomination and not deliverance, in something else rather than the Savior.

3. The DELIVERANCE..vs.8-9..

a. there was a guilt of sin..." I came not to call the righteous but sinners to repentance"...2-corin.7:10...psalms.38:18...luke.15:17-22...

b. there was grace from the soverign..the "voice" came to them...titus.2:11-14...2-corin.8:9...HE came to where we were , so we could go to where He is...

c. there was a gift of a sacrifice...vs.21....2-corin.5:21...1-peter.2:our sins in his own body on the tree...heb.9:neither by the blood of goats or calves but by his own blood he entered in once into the holy place having obtained eternal redeemption for us...

Are you in deception friend, if so the direction you are going leads to eternal destruction. The deliverance has been obtained and all you must do is call upon the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Adam was Saved the same way We are, he knew of his sin, he heard the Lord’s voice calling, he responded in faith and the Lord granted him victory over his situation. Thanks be unto God for His great Work of Salvation.

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