Summary: The fisherman’s benediction. (PowerPoint slides to accompany this talk are available on request - email:

Reading: 1 Peter chapter 5 verse 10-11.

Quote: Life’s lessons (and ages at which the person learned them)

• Lending money to friends and relatives causes them to get amnesia. (32)

• You shouldn’t leave your fork on the plate when you reheat food in the microwave. (13)

• When you’re too busy for friends, you’re too busy. (48)

• Life is like a 10-speed bicycle—most of us have gears we never use. (59)

• When parents say, “It doesn’t matter what we think—you are the one dating him,”

• They actually mean it does matter and they hate the guy. (24)

• Keep your words soft and tender because tomorrow you may have to eat them. (38)

• The more mistakes you make, the smarter you get. (13)

• If you are still talking about what you did yesterday,

• Then you haven’t done much today. (21)


• This well known Roman saying that we still use today, it goes:

• “Where there is life, there’s hope!”

• And like most adages it has an element of truth,

• But no guarantee of certainty.

• Note: It is not the FACT of life that determines hope,

• But the FAITH of life.

• Peter tells his readers (Christians) in chapter 1 verse 3 that they have ‘a living hope’

• Note: Don’t miss what he says; not just hope but a hope that has ‘life’ in it;

• Because our hope has life,

• Ill: Fish pond and the imitation flower & the real thing!

• Because our hope has life,

• It grows and becomes even greater and more beautiful as time goes on.

• Ill: seed grows into a plant with flowers or fruit!

• For many people time often destroys most hopes, they fade and then die,

• Ill: Question as a child; “What do you want to be when you grow up”

• If we are brave enough to look back and examine our lives;

• How many of us have actually hit the targets that we set for ourselves?

• For many people time often destroys most hopes, they fade and then die,

• But the passing of time only makes a Christian’s hope that much more glorious.

(1). Our God is adequate (vs 10a):

“…the God of ALL grace,”


Years ago a question was being discussed at a conference.

• The question was:

• ‘What makes Christianity different from all the other religions of the world?’

• The discussion grew heated.

• And none of the delegates could agree on an answer.

• C. S. Lewis, who was a strong defender of Christianity,

• Came in late to the discussion,

• He sat down, and asked, “What’s the rumpus about?”

• When he learned that it was a debate about the uniqueness of Christianity,

• He immediately commented, “Oh, that’s easy. It’s grace.”

• How right he was!

• Grace is at the very heart of the gospel:

• Every single person who has ever been converted and made right with God;

• Has been saved by His infinite grace.

• Not by moral character, works of righteousness, commandment-keeping, or churchgoing.

• When we could do nothing - God did everything!

• And the God who saves is the God who keeps!

• Of course you can save in two ways ill: rescue. Ill: money in the bank.

We are saved by grace and we are kept by grace:

• In chapter 1 verse 6 Peter talks about: “All kinds of trials”.

• Every Christian as they live their life faces difficulties and trials.

• That is part of being alive!

• Life is often hard and difficult!

• But this little expression found in chapter 1 verse 6 is so encouraging;

• Peter talks about: “All kinds of trials”. It literally means; “Many coloured”.

• The point being that because we have overcome one type of trial;

• It doesn’t mean we will easily overcome them all!

• e.g. Because we overcome our blue Monday;

• Does not necessarily mean we will overcome our green Tuesday or our red Wednesday!


• Peter uses the same word “All kinds” or “Many coloured”.

• In chapter 4 verse 10: When he talks about God’s grace.

• In life we will face a variety of trials;

• But God matches our trials with his grace.

• Whatever type of trial we are facing;

• His grace is sufficient to help us overcome that trial.

• Ill: God’s grace is like a Chameleon;

• It matches whatever our situation may be.

• Therefore said Peter in chapter 5 verse 7:

• “Cast all your cares/worries/anxieties upon God because he cares for you"

• Ill: Man with heavy load given a lift, sat in truck still carrying his load!

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