Summary: God’s mercy in times of judgment

The Flood

Genesis 6-9

1. The Purpose of the Flood

A. To destroy the giants of the earth. (Gen 6:1-4)

B. To deal with the guilt of man’s sin. (Gen 6:5)

C. To declare the grief of God’s heart. (Gen 6:6-7)

D. To demonstrate the grace of God toward Noah. (Gen 6:8)

2. The Prediction of the Flood

A. The determining factor (Gen 6:11-13)

B. The destructive flood (Gen 6:13, 17)

C. The delivered family (Gen 6:18-22)

3. The Preparation for the Flood

A. The size of the ark

1) Its length - 450 ft.

2) Its width - 75 ft.

3) Its height - 45 ft.

B. The structure of the ark

1) The material - gopher wood & pitch

2) The design - rooms & roof

C. The sermon from the ark {warning the people} (2 Pet 2:5)

4. The Protection from the Flood

A. Noah’s family was saved.

B. Animals were saved

C. Human race was saved.

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