Summary: The foundation of Chritstianity is a belief, yea, rather a conviction that the Bible is the Word of God!


PSALM 11:3


1. ILL: Kareem Abdul Jabar Several years ago Roy Firestone interviewed the legendary basketball player Kareem Abdul Jabar. During the interview, Firestone Asked Jabar if there was one coach that he had during his career that influenced him the most. Immediately, Jabar answered, “Yes, John Wooten of UCLA.” Firestone then asked him what it was that made him so special. Kareem’s answer is worth noting. He said, “He was an ardent student and teacher of the fundamentals of basketball.” He then went on to tell the story of how on the very first day of practice, Coach Wooten taught the whole team how to put on their socks so as to never get a blister, and how to tie their shoes so that they will never come untied. Now that is basic!

2. We call ourselves “fundamentalists.” Why? Not because we are narrow minded and mean spirited like some would think. No! It is because we believe in the “fundamentals of the faith.”

3. What is the hallmark of a fundamentalist? What is the foundation of our Christian faith? What is the bedrock of our belief system?

4. Some would say it is the fact that we believe in one God, and that He is a Trinity. Others say that it is the fact that Jesus shed His blood for us. Still others would say that the love of God is the foundation.

5. All of these are to be held in the highest esteem! However, I believe that the foundation of the Christian faith is a belief, yea, rather, a conviction that the Bible is the Word of God! We could know none of these apart from His Word!

6. Bob Jones Sr. said, “A fundamentalist is a person who is soundly converted and born again through faith in the blood of Christ, who believes that the Bible is God’s Word, who is willing to defend the Scripture with his life’s blood, who preaches and proclaims the Word, and who seeks to obey it.”

7. ILL: Vince Lombardi Vince Lombardi was one of the winningest coaches who ever coached in the NFL. Once, after losing a game, he called for a team meeting in the locker room. As he faced these season hardened men who knew football in and out, he held up a football and announced, “Men, this is a football!” He then began to remind them of some of the basics of the game and said, “Men, we must get back to the basics.” Lombardi knew the importance of never forgetting the basics of the game. He believed that the strength of their game lay in the foundations of football – the very basics.

8. The same is true of the Christian life! If we forget that the basic premise of Christianity is that we are a people of the Book, we will lose out on this game called life!

9. The problem is that many times the Bible becomes so familiar to us that we pay It very little attention. However, our faith in the Bible makes us what we are!

10. Kellogg’s Corn Flakes ran an add several years ago which said, “Taste them again for the first time.” Today, I invite you to taste the Bible again for the first time!




1. II Timothy 3:16-17

2. The word “inspiration” Is theoneustos in the Greek and simply means, “God- breathed.” This verse testifies to the unique character of the Scripture and means that the Bible is the result of God’s creative breath. It was not only written by men, but was literally authored by God.

3. B.B. Warfield said, “The Bible is the Word of God in such a way that when the Bible speaks, God speaks.”

4. II Peter 1:20-21 “Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation. For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost.”

5. The Bible came from God through the men who wrote it. God superintended these human authors so that, using their individual personalities, they composed and recorded without error God’s Word to man.

6. The Bible is the greatest book ever written. It is not simply one book, but an entire library of books covering the whole range of literature. It includes history, poetry, drama, biography, prophecy, philosophy, science, and inspirational reading.

7. The Bible was written over a period of 1,500 years, by over 40 authors, in several different countries. It has been translated into more than 1,200 languages and still remains the number one selling book in the world.

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