Summary: This is the 2nd sermon in the series "Back To The Basics". This sermon asks the question, "Who is Jesus Christ?"

Sunday Evening October 20, 2002 Bel Aire Baptist Church

Series: “Back To The Basics” [#2]



Matthew 16:13-17


1. Throughout the ages men have debated and have had discussion about the Lord Jesus Christ. They have asked “Who Is Jesus?” “Who is this man so many claim?”

2. There have been many views about Jesus. Some have said He was insane or crazy. Others have said He is exactly what He claimed to be, Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God.

Matthew 16:13-17

3. In this message, I cannot tell you all about Jesus Christ. This could take months and months. We will discuss briefly and simply some main points as we answer the question, “Who is Jesus Christ?”


He Is A Divine Person

In recent years, many critics have tried to tell us Jesus was just a good man, but not divine. These critics have gone on, but Jesus Christ, the divine person, stands out stronger than ever.


His Divinity Is Shown By His Life

1. He was born of a virgin.

Luke 1:26-38

2. He had a sinless character. There have been many good men in the world, but only Jesus was perfect. Sin separates from God but Jesus had unbroken fellowship with the Father because He did not sin.

1 Peter 2:21-22

Hebrews 4:14-15

3. He performed unheard – of miracles. The Bible records 35 miracles, which Jesus performed. Nicodemus was right – this man is a divine person.

John 3:1-2

4. He died a sacrificial death. Remember what the greatest test of love is? Sacrifice. Jesus died for us.

John 15:13

5. He arose from the dead. Only Jesus conquered death under His own power.

6. He ascended to Heaven.

Mark 16:19

1 Corinthians 15:4

No one was born as He was born. He lived a sinless life. He performed unheard –of miracles. He died a sacrificial death. He arose from the grave and ascended upon high. He must indeed be the divine Son of God.


His Divinity Is Shown By His Own Claim

1. He claimed to exist with the Father before the foundation of the world. Jesus was present as part of the Trinity.

Genesis 1:26

2. He claimed to be God.

John 14:9

3. He claimed to be able to forgive sins. No one can do that except God, but Christ as God took this upon Himself. Remember the paralyzed man that his friends lowered him down from the roof?

Luke 5:19-24

4. He claimed to merit first place in the lives of men. He tells us He should be first in our lives.

5. He claimed to be the Judge of the world. God can only claim this function. God has three mighty functions. Creation. Preservation. Judgment. Christ claimed and exercised all three. We must admit Christ’s divinity. Men may doubt, but Jesus still remains the divine Son of God.


He Is God Come Down To The World In The Flesh

John 1:14


The Same Names Were Used Of Jesus As Were Used Of God

1. God says: Isaiah 44:6

Jesus says: Revelation 22:13

2. God: Psalm 24:8

Jesus: I Corinthians

Romans 9:5


God Has Five Definite Attributes-Christ Has Them All.

1. God is omnipotent (All Powerful). Jesus, while upon the earth, had power over disease and death, over the winds and the waves.

2. God is Omniscient. (All Knowing) Jesus knew the secrets of the woman’s heart at the well.

3. God is Omnipresent. Jesus tells us that He will be wherever two are gathered together in His Name. Jesus tells believers He will be with them “even unto the end of the age.”

4. God is eternal.

Genesis 1:1

John 1:1

5. God is immutable: He never changes. Jesus is “the same yesterday, today, and forever.” Jesus possesses every characteristic of God. Jesus is God.


There Are Seven Things Which God Alone Can Do, And Yet Christ Does Them All

1. He creates.

2. He preserves.

3. He forgives sin.

4. He raised the dead.

5. He transforms bodies.

6. He pronounces judgments.

7. He bestows eternal life.


Christ Received The Same Worship, Faith, And Loyalty Which Were Due To God Alone

1. Jesus taught men should worship God only; yet He accepted this worship for Himself.

Hebrews 1:6


He Is A Person-A Real Man


He Has A Human Parentage

Luke 2:7

1. In order to come close to us and to help us in every time of need, He had to be human, so God gave him a human parentage, Mary.


He Had A Human Physical Nature

1. The Bible says Jesus hungered, He thirsted, He wept, He prayed, He had compassion, He rejoiced, He suffered, He died, and He was buried.

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