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• (1). The ‘fruit of the Spirit’ is a reflection of God’s character

• (2). Question: What is faithfulness?

• (3). Answer: "Faithfulness is love hanging on." It is love saying, "I will not quit."

• (4). In Practice: (a). Faith in Christ. (b). Faithfulness of life.

• (5). Principle to apply: ‘Being faithful in the small things, prepares you for the big things!’



• Anne Mansfield Sullivan had a host of folks telling her:

• That the blind 7 year old brat she was teaching was just not worth it.

• Anne persisted in spite of:

• Temper tantrums, physical abuse, meal time madness & even thankless parents.

• In her heart she knew it was worth the pain:

• Within 2 years the death and blind girl was able to read and write in Braille.

• She ultimately graduated from Radcliffe college,

• Where Anne Sullivan had spelled each lecture into her hand.

• She was the first deafblind person to earn a bachelor of arts degree.

• The name of that pupil was 'Helen Keller':

• Who then devoted the rest of her life to aiding the deaf and the blind.

• While we all probably know the name and possibly the story of Helen Keller;

• It was the faithfulness of Anne Mansfield Sullivan;

• That helped made Helen Keller to become the great woman she became.

• Anne Mansfield Sullivan exhibited a life of incredible loyalty to Helen Keller.

• She demonstrated great trustworthiness and reliability.

• She was faithful!

• TRANSITION: Faithfulness is the seventh in the list of the fruit of the Spirit.

• Essentially, faithfulness is loyalty, allegiance to God;

• And also to His teachings which we should allow to shape how we think and act.

Quote: Vance Havner the American preacher and author says,

“God is faithful, and He expects His people to be faithful.

God’s Word speaks of faithful servants, faithful in a few things, faithful in the least, faithful in the Lord, faithful ministers. And all points up that day when He will say, Well done, thou good and faithful servant.”

“What terrible times we have in our churches trying to keep people faithful in attendance and loyalty! How we reward and picnic and coax and tantalize church members into doing things they don’t want to do but which they would do if they loved God! The only service that counts is faithful service. “True faith shows up in faithfulness. Not everyone can sing or preach, but all can be faithful.”


• This morning we are carrying on your studies on ‘the fruit of the Spirit’.

• Today we are looking at ‘faithfulness’;

• Based on Galatians chapter 5 verse 22-23:

“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,

23 gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law”

Question: How many ‘Fruits of the Spirit’ did I read?


• People normally say nine but actually there is only one!

• Did you not notice that your Bible has ‘fruit’ singular not ‘fruits’ plural!

• In fact there is really only one fruit of the Spirit and that is ‘love’,

• All the other characteristics mentioned are the results of love.

• i.e. For if we love someone then we are joyful with them.

• i.e. For if we love someone then we are patient with them.

• i.e. For if we love someone then we are good towards them.

• i.e. And so on.


• If you remember a fruit juice drink called ‘Five Alive’ you’ll get the idea.

• It was one drink, made up of five different flavours.

• So it is with the fruit of the Spirit.

• There is one fruit, but there are nine flavours.

What we see in verses 22-23 is the ‘fruit of the Spirit’ from 9 aspects.

• ill: Diamond.

• It can be viewed at different angles and in different lights.

• Each turn of the hand reveals further beauty of this magnificent stone.

(1). The ‘fruit of the Spirit’ is a reflection of God’s character:

• After all there must be a connection between fruit and root.

• i.e. An apple tree produces apples, an orange tree produces oranges etc.

• That is true in horticulture but also true in spiritual things.

• These aspects of the ‘fruit of the Spirit’ listed by Paul;

• Could just as easily be listed as characteristics of the nature of God.

• i.e. ‘Love’ – 1 John chapter 4 verse 16:

• “God is love”

• i.e. ‘Joy’ – Zephaniah chapter 3 verse 17:

• “He will rejoice over you”

• i.e. ‘Peace’ – Hebrews chapter 13 verse 20:

• “The God of peace”

• i.e. ‘Patience’ – 2 Peter chapter 3 verse 9:

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