Summary: Peace is another wonderful gift that God wants us to enjoy


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• Have you ever come home after a hectic day looking forward to some peace and quiet?

• As you pull into the driveway you are anticipating a nice quiet evening at home with the family!

• You get out of the car and walk in the door and the dream is shattered. The kids are screaming at each other, the telephone is ringing off the hook with telemarketers wanting to sell you stuff and to top it off, the television is not working right.

• Are you in a spot in your life where you would love to see everything slow down for a while?

• Are you tired of the constant struggle of life, the constant turmoil that goes on around us every day?

• I remember during a very busy time in our lives our anniversary was coming up, so I surprised Robyn with a night at Garth Mansion in Hannibal. It is a beautiful Bed and Breakfast where Mark Twain used to stay when it was owned by the Garth family.

• The home has a large porch that has some rocking chairs. It was so nice to just sit there next to Robyn and rock; it was so peaceful and quiet.

• How would you like to be able to enjoy calm during the storms of life?

• God has something special for you, He wants you to enjoy life and He wants you to have the special gift of peace growing in your life.

• As we have been looking at the fruit of the Spirit in Galatians 5:22-23, we have looking at the fruits of love and joy.

• Love seems to be the basis for a lot of great things that happen in our lives, and a life without joy would be a sad life indeed.

• Today we are going to examine the fruit of peace.




Peace defined.

• When you think if peace, what picture comes to your mind?

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• Do you think of the, a calm stream, a beautiful mountain range? A hammock in the back yard?

• Let us look at a couple of pictures that the word peace paints for us.

• In part, the word “peace” means the opposite of war and disorder.

• Let us define peace.

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• In part the word peace denotes the opposite of war and disorder.

• Where there is war and disorder, it is hard to experience peace.

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1 Corinthians 14:33 (GWT) 33God is not a God of disorder but a God of peace. As in all the churches of God’s holy people,

• Have you ever been in a situation where organization was poor? Was it a pleasant experience? Did you feel calm and peaceful inside?

• A church that is in chaos is a church where people will have a very hard time finding peace.

• The issue of harmony is a part of peace.

• When we are at war with people, we cannot experience peace with one another.

• In ancient usage the word “peace” was used of the serenity which a county enjoyed under the just and benevolent government of a good emperor; and it was used of the good order of a town or village. Villages had an official who was called the superintendent of the village’s peace, the keeper of the public peace.

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• New Testament peace means not just freedom from trouble but everything that makes for a man’s highest good. It means that tranquility of heart which comes from the awareness that our times are in the hands of God.

• The second part of the peace deals with knowing God is in control. You will see this theme laced throughout the fruit of the Spirit.

• If joy speaks of the exhilaration of heart that comes from being right with God, then peace refers to the tranquility of mind that comes from that saving relationship.

• When you have the fruit of peace growing inside of you, then you will have a sense tranquility about you even when things get chaotic around you.

• You know that God is in control and with you!

• The Life Application Bible tells us the following:

• Peace—An inner quietness and trust in God’s sovereignty and justice, even in the face of adverse circumstances. This is a profound agreement with the truth that God, not we, remains in charge of the universe. (Life App Bible)

• Would you like to experience that in your life? Aren’t you tired of having that knot in your stomach every time something comes up?

• When you allow the Spirit to work in you, the fruit of peace will reign in your heart.

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