Summary: Peter takes a trip to Lydda

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The Further Adventures of Peter

Acts 9:36 – 10:8

Jeff Hughes – July 13, 2003

Calvary Chapel Aggieland

I. Introduction

a. People that are sold out servants of Jesus are fun to be around. These are the kinds of people that really reach down and sacrifice for the good of others. Last week, we saw how Barnabas really stepped out to bring Saul into the fold of the church at Jerusalem.

b. Remember Philip from back in chapter 8? Well, the scriptures told us that Philip worked his way up to Caesarea, where he lived; spreading the gospel all along the way, and Joppa was along that way.

c. Apparently, some people in Joppa accepted the good news from Philip in Joppa and decided to make decisions for Christ. This band of believers formed a church there at Joppa, just like the group of believers at Lydda did.

d. Last week, we saw Peter journey down to Lydda to check on the believers there and do some evangelism. Peter spread the gospel in the region around Lydda and Sharon, the area west of Lydda.

e. Joppa was just a bit further west from Sharon, on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. The believers there had a problem, so they sent for Peter to help them out.

f. We will look at this as we continue our study through the book of Acts today, but first, let’s take a moment to pray and ask the Lord’s blessing on our study this morning.


III. Illustration

a. A large group of European pastors came to one of D. L. Moody’s Northfield Bible Conferences in Massachusetts in the late 1800s. Following the European custom of the time, each guest put his shoes outside his room to be cleaned by the hall servants overnight. But of course this was America and there were no hall servants.

b. Walking the dormitory halls that night, Moody saw the shoes and determined not to embarrass his brothers. He mentioned the need to some seminary students who were there, but met with only silence or pious excuses. Moody returned to the dorm, gathered up the shoes, and, alone in his room, the world’s only famous evangelist began to clean and polish the shoes. Only the unexpected arrival of a friend in the midst of the work revealed the secret.

c. When the foreign visitors opened their doors the next morning, their shoes were shined. They never know by whom. Moody told no one, but his friend told a few people, and during the rest of the conference, different men volunteered to shine the shoes in secret.

d. People notice others in the body that serve with a right heart. The church at Joppa had a lady that served the body with everything that she had. People like that are important and valuable to the body.

e. Many people don’t serve like that though. They just don’t get it. They make excuses. They wind up missing out on being a blessing to others, and that is one of the greatest blessings that you can get yourself.

f. Today, we are going to look at two people that were intent on following God, even though they were from the other side of the tracks so to speak.

g. Our study comes from Acts, chapter 9 verse 36, through chapter 10 verse 8, as we continue our study this morning. Let’s read along -

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