Summary: How the Gadarene is a lot like our teens today; looks at the ways people in the community treated him, how he treated himself and how Jesus treated him.

The Missing Teen: How the Gadarene Was Like A Teen

Luke 8:26-39; Mark 5:1-20; Matthew 8:28f

The People

Didn’t Like:

1. The way he dressed (for a long time, he didn’t where clothes)

2. Where he hung out (for a long time, did not live in a house, but at ‘tombs’)

3. They way he talked

4. The way he dressed

5. What he did to his body

So They Tried To:

1. Control him = many times

2. Chain him up

3. Keep him under guard

4. Bring him down = not strong enough to subdue him

5. Make him like them = ‘protect him’? for whatever reason? Loved him?

6. Gave up on him = could do it anymore

7. Stayed away and went about their lives “couldn’t go that way anymore”

He/The Missing One

1. Was from town

2. Stayed alone (solitary places)

3. Inhabited, controlled, possessed and driven by 2000+/- demons

4. Lived in the tombs

5. Cried out and shouted at people

6. Allowed no one to pass that way anymore

7. Broke the chains that bound him

8. Cried

9. Cut himself

10. Didn’t like some things about himself either


1. Crossed the ‘Sea of Galilee’ to get there

2. Accepted him = let him fall down and shout at the top of his voice

3. Listened to him = heard what he had to say

4. Spoke to his problem

5. Released him = Set him free = told “IT” to go!

6. Met his needs = clothed him

7. Stayed with him where he was

8. Believed in him = Gave him direction

9. Left others to deal with THEIR own problems

10. Went on his way

11. Trusted God = “Appointed time will come” = even the demons know it!

Jesus will always do MORE for us. He left the 99 to find the one. He is looking and he waits for you. Even while you are lost in your sinful choices, he loved you so much to still die for you . Even if you were the only person in the world, Jesus would have died for you.

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