Summary: Engineers NEVER START a construction without a PLAN. In CHESS game, most LOSERS are those who DON’T MAKE PLAN for the NEXT MOVE. VICTORIOUS Chess players are those who establish the NEXT MOVE in ADVANCE. . “The BIBLE is God’s BLUEPRINT of His GREAT PLA

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--------Engineers NEVER START a construction without a PLAN.

--------In CHESS game, most LOSERS are those who DON’T MAKE PLAN for the NEXT MOVE.

VICTORIOUS Chess players are those who establish the NEXT MOVE in ADVANCE.


“The BIBLE is God’s BLUEPRINT of His GREAT PLAN for mankind. God REVEALED His PURPOSE for us Human through the BIBLE.”

“For I know the PLANS I have for you,” says the LORD. “They are PLANS for GOOD and

NOT for DISASTER, to give you a FUTURE and a HOPE.” Jeremiah 29:11

PLAN is also known as: PURPOSE “A PLAN is a DIRECTION!”

QUESTION: “Why Am I Here?”

ANSWER: You are PREDESTINED to be FRUITFUL, to MULTIPLY, to FILL the Earth w/ God’s Word & SUBDUE it!

You are to take DOMINION over the “controlling spirits” or evil spirits!

P – Position

L – Law Keeper

A – Assignment

N – Nations/Worldwide

A. POSITION in CHRIST “Who Am I?” (In a Game, you should know your POSITION!)

--------You are CHOSEN by God to become His CHILDREN in CHRIST’s name.

--------You are a PROPHET to the NATIONS!

"…Before you were born I set you apart & appointed you as my SPOKESMAN to d’ world." Jeremiah 1:5

*Prophet, defined:

--------A person who SEES the Radiance of God’s Glory.

--------A person who have a Personal/INTIMATE WALK w/ God (Surrounded by God’s PRESENCE).

--------A person who REVEALS the Word of God (HEARS the Word of God & PREACH it!).

--------A person who DEMONSTRATES the Power of God (Signs & Wonders).

1. Promise of PROSPERITY & PEACE.

“Nevertheless, the time WILL come when I WILL HEAL… damage & give… PROSPERITY and PEACE. Then this… WILL bring me joy, glory, and honor before all the NATIONS of the earth!...” Jeremiah 33:6, 9

PROSPER, Hebrew (“Shalom”), Defined

--------To push FORWARD; to make PROGRESS


--------“ALL is WELL”: a PEACE of MIND


“God wants us to PROSPER in EVERYTHING so that we can EMPOWER others to PROSPER.”

“There WILL be JOY and songs of THANKSGIVING, and I WILL MULTIPLY my people and make of them a GREAT& HONORED nation. Their children WILL PROSPER…” Jeremiah 30:19-20

B. LAW KEEPER: A Responsible Son of God. (In a Game, you Should Know the RULES & REGULATIONS!)

"…I WILL PUT my LAWS in their MINDS, & I WILL WRITE them on their HEARTS…” Jeremiah 31:33

“Law” – Hebrew word, “Torah” (w/c literally means: “THAT W/C SHOWS THE WAY”)

--------Jesus is THE WAY! The Book of LAW talks about Jesus!

--------The BIBLE SHOWS THE WAY OF CHRIST. The Bible SHOWS the TRUTH of Eternal LIFE.

If a CHRISTIAN does not PROSPER in life, there’s SOMETHING WRONG in it! PROSPEROUS CHRISTIANS are those who DELIGHT themselves in the LAW. So if you want to PROSPER & SUCCEED in WHATEVER you DO & WHEREVER you GO, SPEND time in READING & STUDYING the BIBLE.

1. To Love God & Love Others (D’ GREAT COMMANDMENT).

--------Keeping the LAW w/o LOVE is USELESS. You’re just WASTING your TIME & EFFORT.

--------Ask God to CHANGE your HEART and RENEW your MIND.

“The COUNSELOR, which is the Holy Spirit, who LIVES IN US gives POWER for us to UNDERSTAND & INTERPRET d’ Bible”


1. The HOMEWORK is to READ and STUDY the Word of God.

God wants you to be ALONE! He wants you to stay away from any DISTRACTIONS. He wants you to stay in His PRESENCE ALONE,

to meditate His Words. God wants to SPEAK w/ you ALONE & AWAY from the CROWDED, NOISY and BUSY ENVIRONMENT.

2. Appointed by God to SHARE the GOOD NEWS.


--------To Make DISCIPLES of ALL the NATIONS!

As a CHRISTIAN, you are CALLED to be a WITNESS on how God brought you out of DARKNESS to LIGHT. To TESTIFY that you are HEALED & that your sins are FORGIVEN! To TELL the GOOD NEWS about Jesus, “JESUS DIED on the CROSS & GOD RAISED HIM from the DEAD & HE WILL COME AGAIN”.

“I WILL CLEANSE away their sins against me, & I WILL FORGIVE all their sins of rebellion. Then this… WILL BRING ME JOY, GLORY, & HONOR before all the NATIONS of the EARTH…!” Jeremiah 33:8-9

“A TRUE WITNESS: One who TELL the TRUTH. The TRUTH is the BIBLE w/c talks about CHRIST Jesus!”

1. Nationwide: Be a VISSIONARY! Develop a WORLD Vision. Why?

--------You are GOD’s APPOINTED to be His SPOKESMAN to the NATIONS.

“Being FAITHFUL to d’ Word of God & a PROSPEROUS Disciple of Jesus CHRIST is a TRUE CHRISTIAN. They are FRUITFUL according to their LIVES & FAITH. They reflect God’s Glory in d’ midst of DARKNESS. They set an EXAMPLE, the way they THINK, accd’g to their ACTIONS, PURITY & of course, their WORDS. ”

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