Summary: This is a message about serving in the church

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One night he was working at the computer and his wife says, I’m going to bed are you coming? He said, no I’ve just got a few more things to take care of. I’ll be up later.

Around 3am she noticed that he wasn’t in bed. She went downstairs to check on him. But there he was slumped over the computer. She said this is ridiculous. He’s just like a little kid – he’d rather fall asleep at his computer then go to bed with me. She went to wake him up – but he was cold to the touch. He did not respond to her voice. She had a sick panicky feeling. She dialed 911 – but by the time the paramedics got there it was too late. In fact, he had a massive coronary and he had been dead for hours.

It was a major story in the technology community. The News and Observer carried his story on the front page. He even got written up in Forbes and the Wallstreet Journal. It was too bad he was dead he would have loved to read what they said about him.

Tons of people came to his funeral. The things they said about him - innovator, master of new technology, a business guru. They talked of his civic achievements. He knew everybody, he was a networker, a leader, an entrepreneur. He was a visionary. He was successful. When the funeral was over, they buried him in the ground and everybody else went home.

But Jesus used a different word to describe this man’s life. Do you know what word Jesus uses to describe this man’s life – FOOL – FOOL. You see the kingdom of god lasts for eternity, this world is temporary. He was so busy making a living, that he never took time to make a life. Her is something we can learn from Monopoly. No matter who wins the game and aquires the most and no matter by how big a margin, at the end of the game the result is the same. It all goes back in the box. Sometimes we just chase after success so hard we can’t see anything else. What we need to do is make sure we focus on the thing that will last.

The bible defines success differently. If we really want to take Jesus seriously then we will listen to what he has to say about success and how we should spend our lives. If we really want him in our lives and we really want what he offers then we need to look at the guide book for the Christian life.

In Mark 10. Jesus defines success. He tells his disciples that whoever wants to be great, whoever wants to be a success will be the one who is the greatest servant. Then he added this in Mark 10:45, “For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”

Our culture says that if we want make it to the top we got to step on a few heads. If we’re going to be number one then we got to push and shove our way in. We got to prove we are important and acquire and succeed and have all the things that say that about us. But Jesus said success is not stepping on people, its helping them up.

It’s serving, without expecting in return. He says look at my example. I had the kingdom of heaven at my feet. I gave up heaven and became a man. I became a servant. And that’s what I want you to do too.

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