Summary: This is a study on Genesis as it involves The Garden Of Eden with practical application studies.


Text: Genesis 2:4-25 W. Max Alderman

Comments about chapter 2:4-25 – The Garden of Eden was a paradise. Often, I think about what the Garden of Eden was like. I love to see things grow and I can only imagine how beautiful all the plants were before the curse fell upon the earth. I believe that today we see through a glass darkly because of the original sin. I sometimes imagine what the intensity of light was before man sinned. I remember the first time that I looked at light as it was being refracted by a prism. I remember how beautiful all of the colors were. I think of what it may have been like in the Garden of Eden with light bouncing off of the flowers and seeing the beauty of light as it may have been with its prismatic effect. Yet, as wonderful as it was, man lost his paradise and all that went with it when he sinned. Man always loses to sin. In this section notice how paradise was truly lost to sin.


A. His setting was DIFFERENT then. (Vv. 4-6)

The surroundings were vastly different from our surroundings today. The geo-structure, the eco-structure, the atmosphere, the botanical structure, etc., was different from that of today because of two important reasons. The first reason was the absence of the sin curse. There were no degenerative conditions as those associated with death and dying. Also, the atmospheric conditions were different due to the protective shield that existed prior to the Flood. (cf. Gen. 1:7).

PRACTICAL APPLICATION: Sin certainly made a difference on the surroundings of Adam and Eve then and it also does now. Before sin took place, there was an absence of sin upon the face of the earth. Now that the sin curse is upon the earth and we are prone to sin, we cannot totally escape sin and its effects until the Lord restores paradise with new heavens and with a new earth. In the meanwhile, we should live upon this earth as free from sinning as we possibly can. We do this through obedience to the Word of God. We should strive to live according to the Word of God as we walk in the light as He is the true Light. We also need to change the atmosphere of our surroundings in which we live. When a Christian walks into town, the people should see a difference. Also, when a Christian goes anywhere, there should be a difference. The atmosphere should immediately change.

B. His setting was DELIGHTFUL then. (Vv. 7-14)

Can you imagine having God as a gardener? Such was the case with Adam! God planted a garden in Eden (v.8). Certainly, if God planted it, it was a lovely and delightful place. A river that had its beginning under the ground (there was yet no rainfall) provided extra beauty and water for the garden. Verse 12 mentions the quality of the gold and the presence of the precious stones. There was so much to enjoy in this wonderful garden. For years, I thought of this garden as being a small neatly tucked away garden… Not so, it must have covered miles and miles of property that was dedicated to the God’s beautiful handiwork.

PRACTICAL APPLICATION: We should be the soil for God’s garden. There is much that the Lord will plant into our lives, if we only will let Him. He can plant spiritual roses that will add fragrance to anyone’s life. He can plant grapes that will yield the wine of joy in the believer’s life. He might even plant some sugarcane that will sweeten up one’s life. We should let Him grow whatever He desires in the garden of our life.


A. Adam’s serving had REQUIREMENTS. (Vv. 15-16)

Work came before sin. It is good for a man to work. Adam was required to dress and keep the garden. His labor was a labor of joy instead of toil as it is today. His serving in the garden was surely a delight.

PRACTICAL APPLICATION: When we do the Lord’s work, we should be mindful that we are working to please Him rather than please man. We should work hard and willingly. Hard work brings about good results. Some of the most miserable people that I have met are those who resist working. They, because of their laziness do not work or do just enough to get by and as a result of trying to live a life of ease, they invite anything but ease. They are more subject to failed health because the body needs to be exercised and challenged on a regular basis for it to remain healthy. Sometimes, I try taking a day off and when I do, I look forward to getting back to work. It is easy to become depressed and physically weakened when you are avoiding work. If you are experiencing health issues, find at which level that you can accomplish the most and then keep yourself under a discipline to work at that level. Do not give in to the flesh… because, it is good for a man to work.

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