Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Whether we can sing or not, God gives us a very unique kind of song to sing.

Luke 1:46-55 November 27, 2005



- What do you want for Christmas this year?

- Christmas is a time marked with both giving and getting

- Even long before the first Christmas was known as Christmas, God was giving and we were getting

- In Mary’s case He gave her a song -- her response to the promise that God had made to her and through her of a Saviour to the world

- We have no idea if Mary could sing or not. However, a true song is not in the elegance of the voice but an expression of the heart.

- As we survey the events of Christmas once again it raises to the surface the promise God gave to us through Jesus Christ to be our Redeemer, Saviour & Friend -- and through this promise, He gave us a song to sing!

- So, while you’re clearing your throat, let us consider the nature of the song God has given us:

1. A song for the HUMBLE. vv,48; 51-52

- Mary understood humility in circumstances and humility of heart: “I am the Lord’s servant.”

- Imagine what a different world we would live in if we all followed Mary’s philosophy!

- When we find our place of humility -- when we are willing to lay aside whatever “rights” we may have in life to serve God and to reach out and serve others there is a life-changing song that begins to be sung through our lives

2. A song for the HELPLESS. vv. 50; 54

- are you feeling helpless today? Are there runaway circumstances beyond your control? Mistakes made with results you cannot change? Demands made upon you that you cannot meet? Or maybe sin that you cannot overcome?

- The song says, “His mercy EXTENDS to those who fear Him...” like a hand reaching down to us when we’ve fallen.

- When we are HUMBLE and acknowledge our HELPLESSNESS that is when we discover God’s mercy and grace and we discover “the song”

3. A song for the HUNGRY. v. 53

- God is, by nature, like a grandmother who hates to see children go away from her table hungry. However, neither will she let you fill up on junk food!

- Those who desire the righteous life that God offers and who refuse to “fill up” on the “junk food” of sinful indulgence are the ones He seeks to fill.

- It’s the difference between being full (with junk) and being satisfied (with good food) -- God wants to satisfy you with things that will give lasting joy and peace.

- And unlike Grandma, God allows singing at the table!

4. A song for all HUMANITY. v. 55

- The greatest thing about this gift of a song is that it is there for all to sing -- both the virtuoso and the musically challenged!

- Mary declared that the promise of Christ was “...to Abraham and all his descendants forever...”

- All those who follow in the footsteps of faith like Abraham (who did not see Christ in his lifetime but lived as though he did) are able to sing this song of God’s promise through Jesus Christ!

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