Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: This is the fourth and final sermon in the Advent series,

Matthew 2:1-12

December 18, 2005



ILLUSTRATION: I remember one Christmas under the tree was a large, brightly coloured gift-wrapped box. It had my mother’s name on it. So, she proceeded with great anticipation to unwrap the gift. As she opened the box she began to pull out what seemed like an endless number of crumpled-up pieces of newspaper. When she got near to the bottom she stared into the box and, with a bewildered look, pulled out some of my dad’s old tools. By then, all of us -- except my father -- were wondering what was going on. Then in the very bottom corner of the box was another little package. At once, upon opening the little box, my mother’s eyes lit up brighter than the lights on the tree as her eyes beheld a long desired family ring. Even though the outside of the big box was beautifully wrapped. And even though the crumpled-up paper and heavy tools created a clever disguise. All of those things were obviously not the true gift. They only led her to the true gift at the bottom of the box.

- God gave the wise men a gift -- a star -- but the star was not at all the true gift that God had in store for the wise men.

- The star was just the “gift wrap” that led them to the true “Star” of Christmas -- Jesus Christ

- We too, like the wise men, have the opportunity to come to the true

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